Show Re-Cap for Friday 5/8/2015

Welcome to the all new digitally remastered recap for your listening enjoyment.
Ellis learned liver punches and now is a liver destrying force among such greats as Jack Daniels and Jose Cuervo.
When Tully was a kid he wanted to be a preacher but Hulk Hogan wasn’t his dad therefore he didn’t have the motivation he needed to follow through with his dream. Thank god.
Dude am I a slut porno available and put in promo code “RedDragons” to get a free signed photo.
A bunch of UFC fighters seem to be a bit upset about the Rebok sponsorship deal. Apparently when you tell them they can’t have their own sponsors and then pay them less, the fighters tend to get a little angry.
Gymkini is $1000 short for his stunt to help Everlast’s charity to help systic Fybrosis.

After today’s show faction will become the ultimate Jason Ellis channel broadcasting The Jason Ellis Show 24/7/365 for the next 48 hours!
Recently Released Songs Friday- Prodigy, Everclear, ICP, Ringo Starr, Brian Wilson, Alabama Shakes, music isn’t dead but it’s crapping itself with a blanket on its lap watching The Wheel Of Fortune and eating Jello.

App crapped out, came back after Van Halen Lee Roth so I don’t think I missed a whole lot.
According to the internet women have changed their mind from a muscular chiseled physique to that of a middle aged man who likes beer and pizza and chopping wood who can really put his back into a good solid fucking.
NHL News. They played hockey. The end.
Least romantic things ever done, Tully sent a mix tape to a girl full of love songs but told her he doesn’t love her, and once he overslept for his girlfriends birthday party, and another time he recorded his girlfriend crying when he broke up with her so he and his buddy could laugh at it later. Ellis pooped a little while having sex. Will told a girl that she has a mustache. Listeners called and they’re a bunch of unromantic bastards. My funniest unromantic moment was…
News talk. Not news in the world but the shows that present the news, in LA, where most of us don’t live so nobody really knows what the fuck they’re actually talking about.

For the rest of the show they just took random calls and rambled about stuff. So with that I wish you all a wonderful weekend of booze, hookers, and sunshine. Don’t forget to listen to the Town Hall Interview with Ronda Rousey Monday and tell yer mum I said hi, OH!

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