Show Re-Cap for Thursday 5/7/2015

Here’s your bullet point recap for today:

  • Ellis started his “make me stop drinking” pill today. His moisturizer has alcohol in it, doctor said he should probably skip the moisturizers with alcohol in it.
  • It takes Google to know what Brooke Hogan is up to these days.
  • Devin has been getting messed with at school by the boys, typical kid stuff.
  • App cut out again. Good stuff.
  • Kids beating up kids, it’s happened since the beginning of time.
  • Some parents take that shit into their own hands thinking they’re helping, and sometimes maybe they are. Other times, they’re not help at all.
  • Tully was going to bars in New York at the age of 15, his mom was relieved to know he was at a bar and not just roaming the island. It was a different world then.
  • You can buy stuff on Amazon.
  • Something about El Duce and the Kurt Cobain documentary on HBO. Man, that whole being junkies around their kid part was fucked up.
  • World’s Greatest Wednesday, who is the worst person in the world?
  • Now what’s the best compliment you could pay the worst person in the world?
  • Something about Tyga, Blac Chyna, and DJ Mustard. Ellis wants to sleep with Blac Chyna. Andrew has breaking news, Blac Chyna exposed text messages causing Tyga and Kylie Jenner to break up! *GASP*
  • The NFL Draft was last week/end, guys with criminal records were drafted. Some notable arrests for things such as: drug offenses, domestic violence, burglary, assault, hit and run, etc.  What could possibly go wrong with that?
  • Pill Mix time!
  • I want to fuck all of your grandmas! OH!


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