Show recap for Tuesday 4/7/15

i mistakenly thought I’d have a ton more time to do this today..but effing work got in the stinking way!! God..fuck that noise.

Consider this a preview of what’s coming in the recap later on:

Ellis’ eyebrows are too long and he wants to be more punny

More self ass fucking

Rude Jude, a chastity belt, and ball kicking

Sam Schacher is as adorable as ever, making candles, being all ESPN-y and is gonna fight Kenda Perez at EM11 this October!! Holy awesome.

Sam decides to put makeup on Kevin and recommends he get a spray tan

Burt Kreisher is hilarious and would rather fuck a carrot than a cucumber but he has a god awful laugh that made me cringe every time I heard it.

Burt had a fall and thought he broke his back…but he sustained no injuries. At all.

Burt got to meet Tony Hawk and geeked out so hard, but got Tony to agree to be on his tv show.

Ellisfam, I swear this will be a proper recap in the very near future!!! It was a good show (in my humble opinion) life has just gotten in my way.


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