The EMX Tully Selfie Hall of Fame Off

We all heard how Tully was getting in “selfie shape” previous to EllisMania 10, so it only makes sense we take a look at the top Tully selfies from this year’s event. We’re going to be creeping Instagram for Tully selfies and judging these hand picked photos on a variety of aspects. We got some great contenders in this set, and we probably missed a few, but what can ya do? So without further delay, lets get right into our list and see who ends up in the Tully Selfie Hall of Fame!

#10 by @tank_yanker
This is a solid entry. Technically, it’s a picture of a selfie, look at the girls’ eyes, one or both of them are getting a selfie taken from another angle. Photo quality isn’t the greatest, but I think that might be because of an Instagram filter being used. We’ve got an advanced move employed here. Instead of tank_yanker being in the picture, he’s got 2 hot ladies on each arm of Tully. That’s a move employed by the pro’s. It’s in a bar setting, Tully is more than comfortable looking, and his hair looks great, and the lighting on the mustache really accentuates it. Just a solid entry here. I like it.


#9 by @jenna2z
Here’s another solid entry. We’ve got a girl in the picture, and it is her selfie so we’re off to good start. The photo quality is lacking a bit, maybe too over exposed, this could be a combo of an Instagram filter and a phone from the early 2000’s. But we’ve got a solid Tully here sporting a fine black leather jacket with a black t-shirt underneath. We’ve got dimples in the smile and the hair looks well groomed with a fine side-part. The mustache is looking a little caterpillarish, but still – a fine job on this one.


#8 by @klaudia_zaremba
This is a great entry, we’ve got a couple of sneak plays being introduced here – which really ups the selfie game. First thing you’ll notice is we have a girl in the picture, which always raises the bar. But she’s got a tight top and showing some midriff, that’s how you bring some heat to your selfie game. We’ve got Tully in his black leather jacket & black shirt, the 1 dimple smile, and a sneaky little caterpillar mustache hidden and made to look more like 5 o’clock shadow scruff. And amazing Tully hair here, this a very flattering angle, we’ve got a few straggler’s showing up near the side part that says “hey, I’m not all by the book”, maybe a little too much product up front and center, but a bit of damp look going on here too. I’m digging it, great entry.


#7 by @tbconnected
This isn’t your mother’s entry here. It’s pretty far from the standard actually, which makes it a real contender in this mix. Nobody is smiling, which goes against almost all selfie rules. That’s a hard one to pull off, so you have to respect the approach. We see the sneaky caterpillar mustache again, and much more relaxed hair up top on Tully. Note the same black leather jacket, but different black t-shirt! That’s a pro move right there. A fine entry.


#6 by @richkrenshaw
We’re getting into some of the heavy hitters here. The photo quality here is fantastic, we’ve got quality, good lighting, nice warm tones in back and some well lit faces up front and center. Somebody knows what they’re doing here. I’m pretty sure that’s the same familiar black leather jacket, but we’re seeing some white stripes. That could be from a metal Dora The Explorer backpack or something else, but whatever it is, it accentuates the photo nicely. We’ve got a fresh faced Tully in this – but he’s holding a coffee and I don’t think it’s Caveman Coffee. Rich kinda looks like he might be in police academy, but we don’t hold things like that against anyone. This is a quality entry.


#5 by @eh_see
Here’s another quality entry like the last one, while also being almost the polar opposite. No coffee here, just the old stand-by Budweiser. It looks like eh_see might not be feeling much pain, he seems happy about his Budweiser. Classic bar shot in effect here, could use a little more lighting on Tully’s face, but he’s got a nice little wave lip hanger going on up top. That’s a big move and hard to pull off. Too long and you look emo. Too short and it looks Flock of Seagulsish. This is just right, just the way Goldilocks likes it. We’ve got a single stripe on the jacket this time too, maybe the other side is being covered up, we don’t know. It’s that guessing game that pushes this one up the list. Well done, well done.


#4 by @autopatrioticasphyxiation
This is big league shit right here. We’ve got quality photography, great lighting, nice background, drinks in hand, and shirts that play very well with each other. Plus it’s kind of a no-brainer comedy thing, short guy next to probably average height guy, but short guy looks kinda stocky so you probably don’t wanna make fun of his stature. Everything about this photo just says quality, we’ve almost got a feathered hair look going with Tully, showing his hair has body and bounce. Just imagine that hair trotting up and down the basketball court. That’s at least worth a Pert Plus commercial. Outstanding entry.


#3 by @mikeclement26
It really doesn’t get better than this, folks. This photo meets all kinds of criteria, this could be in a nightlife magazine or a promo shot for a club or something. We’ve got great photo quality, Death! Death! Die! shirt, lots of black with some purple hues, and a non-typical Tully face. It’s not a smile, but not a forced tooth shower, dimple still in effect, and that hair is really working here. That’s the old side curtain, but with class. That hair says a lot, from “I’m playful” to “this is serious business” to “I’m just chillin”. That’s a lot of hair personality in a single photo. Solid quality entry here.


#2 by @aprilkurtz
Here we have a seriously top tier selfie photo happening. SXM in the background, an actual female, and a dapper as fuck looking Tully. What is that near his mouth? Is that fucking bacon? Is he smearing bacon his on lips? I don’t know, but that’s what I like to think he’s doing. This is a one-off Tully face we’ve got here, the whole picture raises some questions. It’s a thinker piece. Great quality, great colors, fresh hair, and just a whole lot of grade-A Tully. Go ahead and stare at this one for a little while, drink it all in. Nobody is going to think differently of you.


#1 by @emilyinsd
I know what you’re saying. WTF? Dude, bitPimps, tell me how this made the #1 spot? I’m going to tell you! Is the photo quality and lighting a little rough? Sure. But this is a multi-layered photo here, you may not fully understand what you’re looking at, so let me tell you. First, we’ve got some nice Tully hair going, this is the relaxed yet still “in control” look. Matching black t-shirts. Tully’s pulling the very elusive Van Der Beek cry face. And I can guarantee Emily is sopping wet in the panties here. Her face couldn’t be pressed more against Tully’s if they were trapped in a god damned car wreck. This is the face of a woman who just climaxed and giggled your penis right out of her vagina, and that’s a tender moment only the two of you share. Unless it’s on Instagram. The joy is undeniable here. This one takes the cake.

Honorable Mentions

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