Wilson’s Birthday Lap Dance

As most of you already know, February 6th was Will’s birthday and the guys got him a gift that they thought he’d really, really love. That gift? A lap dance from Dillion Harper, Will’s fantasy crush. The Fuck Lord himself was caught a little off guard and in no time developed the dreaded “guy cramps.” You’ve no doubt heard the original full audio of the event by now, but for “scientific” purposes, our pal Mr. X required some editing to get to the essential parts. Warning: I am not responsible for how many longer lasting, higher volume, extremely potent wads you may shoot as a result of this audio. You might want to have an emergency contact ready to go on speed dial in case you experience dizziness, heart palpitations, or severe dehydration. And for Barry’s sakes, have your wad towel at the ready.

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