Show Recap for Tuesday 1/20/15

Welcome to The Jason Ellis Show on this lovely Monday, also known as Tuesday, where Ellis and Tully are back in the studio and feeling good.  Ellis got to spuend a day at a hotel just decompressing and relaxing anc being by himself because he has been stressed as fuck lately and has not been able to just take some deep breaths. Jude isnt there because he is off clear across the country doing book readings and signings and i only missed him a little. And he really enjoyed it. He got to float around in the pool in Palm Springs and not get burned because he’s like half black from being tattooed so much and he just didn’t worry about it because thats how much he was really letting go of all the stress and worry. And you know what’s even more amazing than getting to take a day all to himself wi th the sole purpose of relaxing? Following it up with a morning of training because Ellismania is getting closer and closer! Ellis was super happy about being able to train this morning, and happier stilk that his heart didn’t explode or go into afib because of it. Dingo is also in the studio on this fill in Monday with many tales of globetrotting and parties and going on a family vacation with the Osbournes where Kelly got run over by an out of control skier and fractured her wrist. Tully and Ellis tried sniffing around for a while to see if there is more than just friendship going 8n beteeen the two, but Dingo is solid on saying that they are just friends and there is nothing to hide.

Juiana Pena was also on the show today to break the news that she was declared cleared to return to the octogan earlier today by her doctor and she is all kinds of ready to kick someone’s ass. Ellis wants to do BJJ with her, which she seems to be down for, so long as Ellis can stay in control and not have to be the manly man who must win and hurts her in the process. They listened to some audio from the John Jones ‘i got caught dojng cocaine’ interview and Ellis was not buying the ‘it was a one time mistake’ angle. At all. Pena was pretty defensive of Jones, but they do both work for the ssme boss so i wasnt really that surprised. Tully brought up how Juliana said that she would be the woman to beat Ronda Rousey and she is still sticking by that hard. Ellis compares that to how he plays hard on the ‘Best in the Radio’ angle because if you don’t  talk a big game and be the first to believe in yourself, then no one else is ever going to jump on the bandwagon of belief and get behind you also.

Sam Rockson called into the show today to talk some moto and he realllllllly does not sound all. Ellis says that Rockson is the best and the fastest guy out there on the moto track these days, and Sam is pretty much in agreement. When he’s going faster than everybody he is still not going the fastest that he can be. He loves being in America and being pretty much on his own, and he is in a good relationship.

Rounding out the show Tully, Ellis, Dingo and Will get into a debate about whether or not John Travolta is gay and if he goes into random Planet Fitness Gyms in the middle of the night to pick up some tail while making really terrible small talk and introducing himself as John. I mean, i feel like its such a dick move to be like “hey, I’m John” when you’re John fucking Travolta. Anyone wo has been alive in the last 50 years knows who you are. Dont introduce yourself, just whip out your cock and ask if they’re interested!!!! Will did his news segment at the end of the show and told us that the Colts are really sore losers and suck at football.

Yeah, i know, major rush job. Sue me later :p

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