The Wiener King of San Diego, Nate Hotdog

We’ve had a Q & A session with just about everyone else to do with The Jason Ellis Show, so of course we had to do one with Hotdog as well. Hotdog started out with another intern, but only Hotdog stuck around, the other guy split after a day or two, he looked murdery anyway. It wasn’t long before Hotdog won everyone’s hearts over and then was offered another internship. So let’s find out what makes Hotdog tick.

How often do you think your mom listens to the show? And would you have even known about the show if your mom didn’t mention it?
I don’t think she listens much because I’m on it now. I’m pretty sure I’m the only reason she started listening is because I showed her.

Why do you hate Tully so much?
Mainly because when he often gloats about how his taint is much prettier than mine.

You’ve been propositioned by Robert Redford. He’s going to give you $1M to watch you fuck a sandwich. You’ve agreed. Now you just have to pick the sandwich you will fuck. What sandwich do you choose and why?
I’m gonna go with a meatball sub. Mainly because it will involve a lot of balls and tons of gravy.

Followup question. Do you bust a nut in the sandwich or outside of it?
Wherever big papa Redford wants me to.


He’s not just beautiful on the inside, but on the outside too!

Now that you’ve touched boobies and have worked on your sexy talk, are you going back to that bar to score more business cards from guys?
I’m always looking for rad dudes to get some business cards from.

What’s the weather like there today?
85 and sunny. Totally awesome.

Hypothetical: Your mom decides to go to EllisMania 10 and ends up banging an EllisFam. How do you react?
Honestly I’m gonna go chimpanzee and poop in my hand and throw it at them.

You’ve been injured in a freak industrial accident and need a helper monkey for a few basic tasks around the house. How long until you’ve got that monkey working the gravity bong all by himself?
That monkey is gonna be solo gravity bonging within a week.

If Will Pendarvis wanted to take you out on a double date, but his girlfriend had a very “Weekend at Bernie’s” vibe about her, would you play along or make a scene about it that might damage your working relationship with him?
He’s a homie, so if he brings a dead girl with him I’m gonna ask if he needs help getting her home.

What makes your dick special? What sets it apart from other dicks?

We’ve heard how little you know about vegetables. You’ve heard some similarities between you and Rawdog. But how far does your vegetable hatred go? Like are you mad that “Veggie Tales” exists?
I’ve been down with vegetables since Jason and Tully made me drink the greens. Since I’ve been in New York I’ve eaten onions and zucchini which used to be a big deal for me.
( p.s. Cooked vegetables still blow)


This kid is going places, he’s going to be a STAAAAR!

How do you feel about being Ellis’ new ‘project’ where he molds you into what he thinks you should be? Do you have a line you won’t cross when it comes to this? Will you stand up to Ellis if he attempts to cross that line?
I’m cool with it. Jason and Tully have made some very positive impacts on my life. I used to not give a fuck about how I looked now I look in the mirror every day before work. I always make sure I look tasty now.

Will you fight NYA’s Cody McCraw at Ellismania 10? Or will you pussy out like a little bitch?
I’ve only been in one real fight, and that was in kindergarten. Cody is probably a cool dude and therefore I don’t really want to fight him. Call me what you want.

We keep hearing that you have a horsecock, yet have never had sex. Why do you shit on the gods that gave you such a gift? Do you realize that other guys think it odd that you seem to have no motivation to get laid?
The horse cock is much like a cobra, it waits for the perfect moment to strike. As for the other guys tell them to eat my hairy man ass.

If you haven’t lost your virginity by EM10 will you let NYA get you laid? Will you fuck a prostitute, porn star, or an ellisfam chick that just wants to say she took your cherry? Can we watch?
I’m down fore whatever. But I’m not gonna pay for it or have someone flow me a hoe.

Since your nickname is HotDog and you have a sizable penis, would you pose in an Ellisfam calendar with your dick in a hotdog bun and a bottle rocket in your ass? For the month of July of course.
How much does it pay?? I’ll do it for a dub sac.

Are you with me on hating having to hold your dick while taking a shit so it doesn’t touch the water? Ever tried to shit with an erection and get stuck on the bowl?
Having a horse cock makes it hard not to dip the tip when you shit. So you can bet your ass I hold it out the water when I do my business.


Ladies, Hotdog isn’t just packing a sizable penis, he’s dapper too!

What is your spirit animal and how would you track, trap, and then fuck it?
Orca/ Killer Whale. I’ve loved them since I was a little boy. I would have to go all free willy on them and use nets to surround it, then I would jump into the water and mount and pump away.

If you were forced to lose one external body part, what would it be, and what is the awesomest way to lose it?
Big toe fersure. Because ingrown toenails blow. Best way to lose it would be at sea lion beach in La Jolla. One of those fuckers biting it off would be gnarly.

You say you’re not a fruit and vegetables guy… but have you ever fucked a watermelon? You should try it. And then cut it up and serve it to your friends.
No way melons are way to choice to fuck. I’m gonna eat the whole thing.

What is your major malfunction, numbnuts?
Easy, Leonard. Go easy, man.

What is your favorite strain of marijuana? What is your preferred delivery method?
I have thought long an hard about this. I’m gonna go with Larry Flynt OG I only had it once and it was choice. I like any delivery that’s close. They come over I pay them and they leave.

If you were to combine an animal, a mythical creature, and a cartoon character, what would you call it and how many different ways could you fuck it?
It would be an eagle, unicorn, and bugs bunny. Otherwise know as Uni Eagle Bunn. I’m going for the ear hole all the way.

Aside from working on TJES or radio in general, what is your dream job? What is the worst thing you would do to get it?
Really anything in radio it’s all I’m interested In now a days. If be willing to fist a German for the gig.


Hotdog with The Future.

Name your top 5 favorite movies of all time.

  • Gladiator
  • The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
  • Back to the Future
  • Pulp Fiction
  • Die Hard (all of them)

Other than family and co-workers, who is the most influential person in your life? Why do they hate you enough to let you keep being you?
Joe Walsh mainly because he is dope as fuck, and he likes big tits.

What is your favorite brand of hotdog? Oscar Mayer? Ballpark? Or just the cheapest Weiner you can find to put in your mouth?
Nathan’s all the way.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever put your dick in? Did you cum?
That one chicks mouth cause it was the only time and it was pretty chill. There was no cum.

Why does everyone always ask you questions about your dick?
I think because it’s basically the 8th wonder of the world. King Kong ain’t got shit on me.

What’s your favorite part of working on TJES and why haven’t you gotten laid yet?
My favorite part about being in the show is asking Will open ended questions. He thinks I’m really stupid, but I’m just not used to people not looking at me when I talk to them. I probably haven’t gotten laid cause I’m too drunk.

Care to tell us more about your dick?
When I was In high school I used to do “the goat” all around campus.(where you put your cock and balls In between your legs and bend over) F.Y.I.

Why were you not having fun at Hooters while New York? Was it The Undertaker?
I think probably cause I haven’t smoked weed all week and I may be having withdrawals. Once I get back to SD I’ll be frosty as fuck.

Shout out to Nate for being a super stud! We threw some real curve ball questions at him and the guy not only didn’t even flinch, he was hitting dingers! If he hasn’t won you over with his personality on the show, this interview must be the deal sealer. There’s a reason why he was asked to come back after his first internship, and now you can see why, he’s a funny dude with a great attitude. You can follow him on Twitter at @Hot_Dog41 and on Instagram @hotdog_theintern.

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