Show Re-Cap for Wednesday 11/5/2014


All up in them guts!

I’ve gotta pee. Hold please. Okay, I’m back. bitPimps here, filling in for CrackerStacker6 while he pretends to be an adult at work and stuff. You know what? Ellis was thinking they should have that Corey guy back on the show, but shut the fuck up and don’t listen to people, and fuck everybody. In the nicest way possible of course. People are trying to tell Ellis how to live his life, but to quote Jimi, “he’s the one that’s got to die when it’s time for him to die, so let him live his life the way he wants to”. If you don’t skateboard and are a complete fucking imbecile, a vert ramp is a ramp and stuff with vertical walls and shit. Ellis’ vage hurts, but the rest of him is sweeter than Yoohoo! His spidey senses are tingling and he senses a peak coming on, also, he’s declared war on his back hair, which is brought on by jiu-jitsu. Tully’s ready to peak, he’s always ready to peak, say chic. Michael Douglas is dapper for a man who is dead, but he’s dead, so he’s not ready to peak, he peaked – past tense. It’s probably better to be an old lady, rather than an old man. You’re retired, you got money, you fart while walking up stairs and don’t even know you’re doing it. Let’s face it, a good time when you’re 90-years-old is just being able to breathe – but this 90-year-old dude got arrested for trying to feed homeless people. Rock on Earth! Tully now has his mom wanting to help those poor children he fell in love with while in Belize. But he’s trying to figure out how best to help them, because one of them is a 12-year-old girl and she could get pregnant within weeks, or soon, maybe, and he’s not putting no single baby mama through school. There’s allegations of Bill Cosby allegedly slipping chicks his sexual pudding pop. Hard to imagine Cliff Huxtable going all zippity bop up in some womens’ ice box or making bitches re-enact 2 girls 1 cup or some crazy shit. But hey, look at Pendarvis, he fucks women right in the vagina’s all the time. Tully’s kid is still seeing ghosts and Tiger now has an Australian alter-ego, which can be funny as hell yet also terrifying, knowing these kids have probably watched you sleep at some point in their young lives.


Trip man. You should trip. Seriously. Trip. Wanna trip, man? Trip.

People are not the only animals that ingest ayahuasca and it’s derivatives, Jaguars eat leaves of some plant shit that and look totally relaxed and possibly tripping balls while eating that shit. Donald Schwartz is in studio with Dr. Dan Engle to talk about how much they think you should trip your ass off on ayahuasca. Get your inner 19-year-old drug addled self ready for some pro-ayahuasca trip stories. I believe psychedelics definitely opened doors within myself, as a young person. However, I think I’ve gotten all I can get out of psychedelics and now I’m just tired of all this ayahuasca talk. It’s like a bunch of Timothy Leary’s are popping out of the woodwork to boost tourism to jungles or some shit, it’s weird and has become off-putting to a degree. If you wanna trip, cool, have fun with it! But they’re starting to make it sound fucking stupid. It “cleanses” you? Yeah, probably because you’ll be barfing and shitting so violently and so much, your fucking body is going to feel great in 3 weeks when it’s no longer fucking dying. “Shaman’s” give you a floral bath the next morning? Awesome, that’s just what I want. Some weird looking dude trying to give me a fucking bath while I’m tripping balls and fighting the urge to slip into a nightmare land of more puke and poop. But whatever, if you do it and it helps you, awesome, more power to you. Trip on, tripper! P.S. The show is on a company wide holiday on this coming Tuesday the 11th and Ellis will be tripping his balls of on “medicine” and then he’ll tell the rest of us how it all went.

Shout out to me, I could be male or female, hot and horny and ready to fuck real good, or average and horny and ready to fuck mediocre style. I sent in a video today about this black chick talking about how she don’t like big dicks and she’s on team little dick, so check that out, let her tell y’all the one, two, three, lick balls of big dicks. Speaking of big dicks, it’s time to find out how Will fucks on “Fuckin’ With Will”, a new signature segment where Pendarvis tells us how he likes to fuck women, and gives callers advice on how best to fuck women. This was such a good segment, I learned a whole lot, I laughed a whole lot, I came a whole lot, and I can’t wait to take this knowledge and really fuck my bitch good! If I were you, I’d definitely listen to “Fuckin’ With Will” because it’s going to change your life and the way you fuck bitches. The guys had to make up some bio’s for themselves to be put on We only got to hear some of Hotdog’s bio before we heard from a caller with a sad story, but that’s okay because you can just read about Hotdog here. I can also tell you this about Hotdog, he hates dead birds and loves cheese. And that’s about all I got for ya, I’m spent from all the fuckin’ of bitches, thanks to what I’ve learned from the Will Pendarvis “Fuckin’ With Will” method. Oh, also, I’ve got an extra special treat for ya, NYA’s 3rd ever podcast with @emilyinSD and we’re talking about getting a good fucking in your vage.

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