Tully’s Surprise Birthday Idol

Look. I don’t know if everyone is going to understand this, but holy fucking shit. This is hilarious. Tully really likes Morrissey. Probably started with The Smiths, but lets not get sidetracked. I mean, let’s face it, 80’s music had The Smiths and Morrissey written all over it. Morrissey is way too vein to make an appearance on the show, so naturally, they got the next best thing – which was Cumtard. And guess what? Motherfucker nailed it, kinda. Kevin did such an awesome job that I actually bothered to record and post the audio. Did he sound like Morrissey? Hell no. But his dedication and his English accent made the whole bit. It was fucking awesome. Shout out to you Cumtard, you were great during this bit.

Download (link to MP3)

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