Show Re-Cap for Monday 7/21/2014

Are you ready kids? I can’t hear you! Ohhh… Who lives in an office in Missouri? Thick dicked and funny is he. If recap nonsense is something you wish. Then moisten your panties and get ready to squish! You’re only as good as the company you keep, so stop being friends with shitty motherfuckers and start being friends with less shitty motherfuckers. Or don’t, whichever. I’m stupid crazy busy today so I’m going to bring back something I haven’t done since somewhere near the start of this site. The bullet point overview recap! I hope you enjoy it. Maybe it’ll bring back some nostalgia for you. Or maybe it’ll just be easier to read. Or maybe it’ll be more entertaining. Or maybe it won’t be any of those, I don’t know.


Did he just say bullet point overview? Yes. Yes, I did.

  • Jason believes in himself these days, he lost 2 friends and gained 1 new one and he’s cool with that.
  • Using the “I’m a dad now” excuse is great for dropping dead weight friends.
  • Tony Hawk knows what’s up, he says to just stop responding to people you don’t want to talk to anymore.
  • Dingo just does garage sales when he gets rid of friends.
  • Rob Dyrdek is / was a hustler and visionary. Jason used to be jealous of him, but not anymore, now he understands.
  • Jason took Katie & the kids out to a private club for breakfast and got shined. They told him they can’t serve him and his kind. But then they did because gosh darn it, that’d be wrong.
  • Dingo claims he’s been discriminated against because of the way he looks. Feminine but with scruff.
  • Tully claims he was discriminated against once because his food took awhile to get there. Don’t know they know who the hell he is!?
  • Mike Jasper got kneed in the dick on purpose and now has a swollen testicle. Note to self: Swollen Testicle sounds more metal than Swollen Members.
  • Ellis’ step-mom didn’t know he had a Porsche & now it sounds like she wants some of that paper Jason has.
  • There’s a magical piece of paper floating outside the studio building. “Sometimes, there’s so much beauty in the world – I feel like I can’t take it, like my heart is just going to cave in.”
  • Jason’s rocking the Under Armour undies, shirt, basically the entire outfit ensemble.
  • August 13, that’s when Ellis is allowed to get off the pills and train and shit, according to his doctor.
  • More cricket talk that only Jason, Dingo, a small sub-set of listeners can understand.
  • Dennis Bermudez is a guest today and he wants to race vehicles like Ellis does, he’s okay with crashing too. Ryan Parsons is there too.
  • That crazy, magical piece of paper is back.
  • Dennis & Ryan both hit the punch-pad, here are everyone’s results.
  • Check your tits and testicles, & send a birthday card to a very sick boy, Danny Nickerson.
  • Blistery nipple could be a shot, but it’s also an affliction (not the clothing retailer)
  • TJES was being played inside the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame today, allegedly, and nobody seems to know why.
  • Ellis & Dingo told us what some fairy tales are about.
  • Ireland is the best place for UFC fights, the fans are piss drunk, dying to see fights, love their dags, live in caravans, and survived a potato famine.
  • Tully’s hand has Viking disease.
  • Someone in Palestine is opening a real-life Krusty Krab restaurant. I doubt there are copyright laws there, so…yeah.
  • Ellis doesn’t care if someone Knights him, he just wants to be the best at something in his life (radio).
  • Ellis & Tully are indeed handsome radio guys, if you put radio guys on the end.
  • Ellis still hasn’t signed his new deal that guarantees he gets his own channel. He says he’s trying to do it as fast as he can because he’s coming to the end of his contract and doesn’t want to have to not be on-air for a few days for legal reasons.
  • Dingo is so loud all the time because he just had an epiphany and gave himself a brain boner.
  • There’s a big-ass turdle in my yard & I have no idea where he came from.
  • Your mom has flat, saggy, titties. Not your mom DanOD5, your mom has an exquisite set of tits.
  • OH!

Did he just call me a punk ass bitch!? Yes. Yes, I did.

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