EllisMates Skateboarding Game

This is the skating game Tully bought for $5. He has this note for you:


(A) Apparently this game only works on PC laptops!
(B) If it murders your computer, it’s your fault, not mine!

* Note: By downloading this file, you accept responsibility for any and all damages that may occur to your computer. Tully, No You Are, Sirius XM, Walmart, Fareed Zakaria, Oprah Winfrey, and anyone else in the world (other than you) cannot be held responsible.

That being said, this file has been scanned by 40 different scan engines. 0 out of 40 scan engines detected a threat (click to view scan results). It likely does not contain any malicious threats. It is a 32-bit Windows executable.

Ellismates_Skateboarding.zip (11.7 MB or 12309764 bytes)
MD5:  BBCEA351906FA5F51174437CBB05E89F
SHA1: 51D305F12475A6FEEB3B69BB158741EC2DE5173D
SHA256:  1E9090F3CFC834378845841916C6B8753CCBBDFAA163485F165C8D47D8AC4557

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