Show Re-cap for Friday 3/28/2014

WGAFF. Know it, learn it, love it. Mermaids are real cuz a shark ate one but it was probably the last one. Sharks are dicks. But the goverment has it now because people can’t handle the truth. You think I’m full of shit? Well guess what, it’s on the Internet so it’s

Mermaids, great tits but no ass.

Mermaids, great tits but no ass.

fucking true. Suck it. The guys talked about this for quite a while and in the middle of their conversation about making people evolve into mermaids Tim Sabien called in. He didn’t exactly okay the Kevin “Cumtard The Cumtardian” Kraft vs Will “Shins of Death” Pendarvis fight, but the way it sounds Ellismania 10 is going to be fucking awesome to put it mildly. Then they talked about Godzilla and what they would do if it started to come out of the ocean in Cali. You know, important shit.

Keith Jardine came in studio today and he is the guy that makes the Caveman Coffee thatfry_drinking_coffee_futurama (2) Jason has a boner about. They talked about coffe, growing coffee, harvesting coffee, roasting coffee, brewing coffee, cold brewing coffee, coffee in a thermos, coffee with butter, coffee with cream, coffee with coconut oil, coffee makers, coffee presses, coffee machines, places that grow coffee, people that grow coffee, how good coffee is, and all the uses for coffee. Then Keith’s friend came in and they talked about… you got it, COFFEE!

After the hour of coffee talk Christian came in with a bunch of today’s new releases in music. As it turns out the best thing in new music is an album that was released 20 years ago, Pantera’s remastered release of Far Beyond Driven. Then creepy doll guy Skyped in and it was, well, creepy. Other people tried to Skype in for the talent contest but as it turn out most of the fans of The Jason Ellis Show are talentless. Who would have guessed?
Final calls were about as exciting as the Skype talent show so toady I will leave you with a bit of advice, don’t make the same mistake yer mum did, use protection, OH!

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