Show Recap for Friday 12/6/2013

Welcome to the recap once again and today we found out that the show is like a bobby thingy, I’m not sure why but if that is so then the recap is like a sinker, I’m not sure why that is either but I’m sure there’s a rather insightful analogy hidden in there somewhere. Jason Ellis has his own YouTube channel but he hasn’t posted anything on there for a while but just for shits and giggles why don’t you go over there and subscribe (it’s free ya cheap bastard) in anticipation for what is to come in the near future. The Friday night UFC fights are on tonight (by now you should be used to this) and not on Saturday like usual. Rude Jude stopped in and mentioned that once he was on Kanye West song talking shit because that’s what Jude did back in the day. He also talked to J about being a kid and fucking things up in the name of childhood fun. Jude has a book coming out soon called Hyena. It’s a bunch of short stories about Jude’s life and growing up, according to Wilson, who read a few of the stories, it’s incredible. The also talked about Jude being in the new calendar as a GQ dude on yacht and he was totally down with the idea. Ellis wants to put his face lump in a mayonnaise jar after the doctor cuts it out so that he can watch crickets eat him. And then there’s The Amish. They are all uppity when it comes to electricity but those mother fuckers don’t mind a little juice when it comes to getting their arms and shit seen back on.

Mike Catherwood stopped by to say hello and then Tyler Posey of Teenwolf called in. I’m not sure what they were talking about except that apparently Tyler is a sexy piece of ass. Portos Pastrys Hilaritio and Alahandrrrrrra came in with some exciting pastries for the crew and nothing makes for better radio that a bunch of guys stuffing their faces and tumblr_m9s9gwekXb1r37ynfo1_500saying how good everything tastes. They talked about growing up in LA in the Mexican culture and the uncomfortable moments when a senile woman with a pissed out uterus holding scissors by your neck talks shit on your people. Question, Have you ever thought about killing someone you love? Not really going through with it but have you just sat there looking, thinking how you could just wrap your hands around their neck and just keep squeezing until they stop moving? Yeah me neither. Naturally this turned to talk about dick and load pics and how most chicks don’t like it but every dude likes titty and cookie pics, as long as you don’t feel like a gynecologist looking at them. And all of this naturally morphed into a conversation about relationships and Mike delivered some Hollywood insider news, they all fuck each other, and if they don’t they should. They talked and talked and talked with conversation weaving in and out like a knitters needles working a loom of vaginal wool.

Bobby Lee has started a new YouTube series called Bobby Lee Gets Shocked. But nobody cares. Mexico news, thieves stole radioactive cobalt-60 and probably died. Update boo bee boop be boop deedle dee deet dee dee deedle deet, eight Mexican dudes got picked up at a strip mall hospital that were suffering from radiation poisoning and the Federales took them away. Authorities are pretty sure there is a link. Drugs, drugs are 2564925.JabbaTheHuttdumb. But god damn if they aren’t fun. But be careful, sometimes the fun doesn’t stop and next thing you know you’re giving blowjobs for crack. It’s all about self control people. An official informant on radiation poisoning called and educated all of us on what happens when exposed to radiation like our Messican buddies from a minute ago, depending on how fast you read. Basically you turn into a pile of goo and get sent to Tattooine where you will become a crime ring king pin and smuggling crime lord in the Outer Rim Territories. Here’s the Chernobyl video the guys watched.

Ellis’s book, The Awesome Guide to Life, is available February 18th, but I don’t know if the foot nose rabbit story will be in there so if you didn’t hear it then you’re shit out of luck. In Final Calls we learned that you shouldn’t get married if you’re not ready, cell phones don’t really give you brain cancer but cell phone companies are trying to get phones away from you’re head just because, and Adam and Dan might be able to recap the show but not at the same time because Adam is calling in from an octopuses vagina commonly referred to as yer mum, OH!

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