Show Re-cap for Thursday 11/14/2013

So have you ever wondered what life is about? What it all means? What it’s like to have two dicks in your mouth at the same time. I bet it’s exhausting and uncomfortable. Much like life when you try to take on too much and don’t slow down to enjoy the simple things,

Two Girls, One Lizard

Two Girls, One Lizard

like one dick in your mouth. This applies to everybody, except Sasha Grey, she loves to have dicks crammed in her mouth like a dick mouth cramming machine. But some people like many many dicks in them, that’s not wrong, it’s just their thing and if that’s cool with them then that’s cool with me. They talked about many fetishes and how some of the things that seemed forbidden and taboo twenty years ago are pretty much normal now. And in the interest of normal, Baby Man called in and said that he and his wife get off on him acting like a baby and pissing himself and chillin in a giant crib. There are many other fetishes that people are into like peeing on each other, bondage, spanking, dressing as a magical liger from the land of boners, and other completely normal and healthy sexual ventures.

Did you watch The Ultimate Fighter last night? I didn’t, I was busy making fun of the people who are trying to find Bigfoot but I recorded it so no spoilers. Apparently everyone is being a whiney little bitch and they hate this one girl because she is wining and the rest of them are not. I also believe that all the women in the house have started their periods at the same time because according to the internet that shit happens. Red Tide. Brian Deegan (@mmgeneral) came into the studio to talk about all kinds of shit. He talked about being in the LOORS, thats Lucas Oil Offroad Racing Series for you sissy girls, and how he’s trying to move to pro something from pro something else. He also talked about the Lucas Oil Championships the he won, black flag (not the band apparently), and feeling with your ass. There was some other Australian bloke that likes to party in the snow there with them.

You think your kids awesome, bet he doesn't have a GoPro video to prove it!

You think your kids awesome, bet he doesn’t have a GoPro video to prove it!

Apparently this dude is some kick ass X-Games mother fucker, I’d give you more information but I’m lazy and you don’t really care anyway and these are not the droids you’re looking for. They also talked about Ken Block. A lot. So much that now I have an urge to name my next born child Ken Block. Speaking of Ken Block, Deegan (briandeegan38) and Twitch used to be friends, then they weren’t, but they’re back to being friends now so happy days are here again. As great, and long, as this interview was my app timed out and restarted with Butt Town. As much as I’m interested in the last bit of Deegan and hearing how his kid is better than everyone else I think I’ll just move on.

Aussie news on a Perth freeway a man was caught on a dash cam head butting cars. Woman turned down a dudes marriage proposal so the dude sent her a bill for two download (7)hundred grand for everything he spent courting her. Also in amazing news from an Australian, other channels on SiriusXm are now promoting on their channels. A man in London got arrested for shoving a fire extinguisher up his butt, fondling himself, and stripping naked. He also claimed the entire country is being invaded by Al Qaeda and pissed on the floor. This dude parties better than you. Speaking of parties, I am the master of segways with this shit I swear, they did Wolfknife names next! They were awesome, so awesome that I forgot to write any of them down for you. Sucks to be you! But thank god there are replays in the morning and maybe you can hear it there, unless you’re one of the three guys bitching about it, then you can go fuck yourself with your sisters dick. Final calls happened, much

My reaction to your Wolfknife name.

My reaction to your Wolfknife name.

like it happens every day, and much like everyday, the callers are shit tards and don’t know how to ask intelligent questions let alone are able to talk when their name is mentioned. Oh and Ellis’s insurance company keeps jacking him around with the Porsche dealership repair shop and getting his car fixed. They took a look at the charts and something and figure that this new Death!Death!Die! album should be bigger than the Tainstick album, but that is neither here nor there, it’s a CD. That was a joke, maybe you should read it again. Did you get it? Oh well, this kind of comedy isn’t for everybody. Remember that no matter how hard life gets its never gonna be as hard as the thousands and thousands of dicks that have penetrated yer mums sockets, OH!

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