Show Re-Cap for Wednesday 10/2/13

As everyone knows by now, no live show today. Why? We don’t know for certain yet. There’s all kinds of speculation as to the what and the why, but that’s all it is, speculation. So before we all go ape-shit, let’s slow our roll a little and figure out what we do know.

  • Clearly, Ellis is pissed. About what exactly? Not sure, but one might be led to guess a promise was broken or hasn’t happened yet. But that’s all it is, a guess. It could be to do with the studio, or it could be to do with something completely different. One thing I am sure of, when and if the time is right, Ellis will let everyone know exactly what the deal is. I’m not a betting man, but if I were, I would think we’ll probably get some amount of clarification when the show is live tomorrow.
  • A lot of people, including myself, were ready to get Ellis’ back. I’m sure he knows that and personally, I’m hoping (betting) that whatever the issue is, will be resolved soon and we will all have our favorite show and people back.
  • Why do I think this? Several things lead me to think this:
    • Ellis just recently went to New York to negotiate his contract and said he got everything they all wanted. We’ve seen proof of this as he is in the new studio, even if it still needs tweaks.
    • Channel 713, a 24/7 channel of Ellis is at our finger tips on our phones or with the online player.
    • Replays have come back to channel 41.
    • There have been several mentions of Sirius XM potentially sponsoring EllisMania.
    • Ellis was recently given sought-after tickets to his favorite band, Metallica.
    • Even just yesterday, Ellis eluded to how much more we’re going to be getting soon. That might be a hint towards another channel, much like Howard has, or maybe something else we don’t know about. Either way, it sounds like something pretty significant.
    • If you were listening close yesterday, while Ellis was saying that he didn’t think Will knew how to take an Instagram video, he said Kevin was there and would have him do it. One has to assume that he was talking about Kevin Kraft. Kevin usually only comes in to be part of a bit. But yesterday, he was just there and not part of any bits. Why? Have the guys secured him full or part time as a producer? If so, that must be part of a budget. A budget would come from Sirius XM, and they never seemed to have that kind of budget before. So that might be an indication that the show has bigger budget now.

So keeping all that in mind. Why would Sirius XM not want Ellis anymore? Why would they move him to a new studio? Why would they okay channel 713, replays on Faction, put a new boss in charge (Tim Sabean), and whatever else was negotiated? The short answer is, Sirius XM would not be investing in him if they didn’t want and believe in him, his crew, and his fans.


Keep calm and read on.

While some people tend to put Ellis on a pedestal, what we can sometimes forget is the fact that Ellis is indeed a human, just like us. And he’s passionate about his baby (the show) and even his fans. I’m sure at least some of you don’t realize how rare that is, a talent being passionate about his fans. Ellis fights for himself, his family, his friends, and yes, even his fans. There is no doubt in my own mind that Ellis, Rawdog, Tully, Will, etc. all want the show to succeed and be entertaining to their fans. This isn’t just about them getting more money, this is about producing a quality show they can be proud of, a show that entertains the largest amount of fans as possible. This is what happens when people are passionate and trying their best to make something better and to keep it growing. You fight for it. You make mistakes. But you also make it better, you improve. These are growing pains.


Well? Are you or are you not?

Imagine you’re an artist. You’re in the process of creating your best work yet. And everyday, someone takes away your brushes, mixes all your paints up, smudges your canvas, and you have to re-do everything. Each day. All the time. Without fail. How frustrated would you be? How pissed would you be? Would you give up? What would you do? It would be infuriating. Most of us have taken pride in our work at some point and have dealt with similar issues. And I’m betting most of us have handled it nearly the same way. We were pissed and you either piped up and said something or you just grinned, bared it, and moved on. Congratulations, you’re a human too. Just like Ellis.

In closing, my point here was to calm some unsteady nerves, even if only for myself. As much as we all want to instantly attack something on behalf of Ellis, that may not be the proper response, at least not yet. Let’s wait and see what Ellis tells us and then the decision can better be made. Stay positive. Between EllisFam, Wolfknives, fans, etc. we can certainly make our voices be heard. But to have any credence, we first need the facts and to know exactly what we’re voicing our concerns about.

Or, I could be completely wrong and totally full of shit. Your call.



You…. Yoooouuuu!

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