Show Re-cap for Wednesday 10/16/2013

Good evening mongrels, welcome to the Wednesday re-cap of TJES, I’ll try to go slow but then I’ll get excited and rip into it too fast, hurting us both. Jason opened the show talking about how much he loves fried chicken and cheese on top of cheese because that shit tastes even more delicious since he was abstaining from eating it all for the work-up to the fight. Problem is, he has gone so hard on the cheese that now he is feeling that cheese effect seep into his soul and it’s making him feel like shit. That, and 10 donuts (Ha.Ha. Knew you couldn’t do it) isn’t helping his body any. That’s the problem with being healthy: your body will eventually learn what all the bad shit is and then it punishes you for eating it.



Ellis watched a documentary about human shit-stain Roman Polanski. The doc talked about the allegations he drugged and raped a 13 year old girl, and then fled the country to avoid prosecution. The really lame part of all of this is that the asshole is still making movies and people tend to excuse his abhorrent behavior because he’s a good director. So the conversation was this: Why does the world tend to excuse criminals and scumbags from their crimes and scumbaggery if they are exceptionally talented at something? And not just movies (Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, James Cameron) but also people in music and sports. The topic swirled around the NFL quite a bit because Tully,  the biggest NFL fan in the room says that there are a lot of criminals in the NFL currently and while they may not all be sexual deviants and murderers, it’s interesting how they can all keep their job while someone on you or I’s level would be fired straight away and not be able to find another job as easily. (Michael Vick in particular). I think it was Tully who said “If you are good at something you can get away with shit” which summed it all up pretty nicely. And it’s pretty much true that if you are rich, and you are in a position where you make a bunch of other people money those other people are much more likely to defend you and say dumb shit like “yeah, maybe he drugged and raped that girl but, ya know, he’s a really misunderstood guy and he just works so hard.” Yeah, fuck those people too.


Maria Kang posted a picture on facebook of her super fit body next to her three children with the caption “What’s your excuse?” as a motivational way to let people know it’s possible. So naturally, all of the fat chicks on Facebook became outraged because they love being fat and this chick is taking away all of their excuses. There are a lot of overweight people who see something like that as an attack on them personally. But here is the thing: if you see that picture and you feel personally attacked by it, guess what? You are not happy with your body, you are jealous of that person and you know it. Maybe stop spending so much time commenting on Facebook photos and get out and do some shit?



Speaking of hot chicks, Wilson’s girlfriend @Erika_Ash came on the show. If you didn’t know, she had to drop out of Ellismania because of a bad lung infection. Her doctor even told her she shouldn’t go to Vegas at all, but she wasn’t going to stay away. Red Dragons. However, while there she got drunk and smoked cigarettes which wrecked her voice and now she sounds like Tyrone the crackhead from The Chappelle Show. Actually, on second thought she sounded exactly like her boyfriend Wilson Pendarvis when he lost his voice and we got all of those golden “I like brown frosting” buttons. Jason teased Wilson about how he needs to take Erika out and Wilson got all peevish about it. Seriously, you could almost feel how red his face was through the radio while Jason was talking about how he needs to get someone hot like Erika on his dick to make himself feel better. The funny thing is, Erika wasn’t objecting to ANY of it, and Wilson was still shying away. WILSON! GO FOR IT BUDDY! Anyway, the point of Erika’s visit was to bring Ellis a framed picture of his ESPN cover with a nice message about how much the show means to her, and more importantly, how much Ellisfam means to her. A very fitting sentiment because….SEGUE!!!!(Segway, if you are reading this, Ellis)

As most of you know, @Cody_McCraw92 posted an extremely heartfelt and frankly tear-jerking essay on just what Ellisfam means to him. Well, Ellis read it, and Tully read it on air today. I’m not going to re-cap what the essay was about, not because I’m short on time which is usually why I skip things like that. I’m not doing it because if you are Ellisfam, or if you just want to know what Ellisfam is all about you need to READ IT. Seriously, nothing I say here will be able to convey the emotions and personal connections Cody wrote down for all of us to see. It takes a strong character to be able to put themselves in such a vulnerable position for their all of their friends to see. But, that’s Ellisfam. We wear it right out on our sleeve for each other every day, and Cody took it to another level. So again, read the motherfucker. Great job Cody.



Someone on posted their account of Ellismania complete with some sweet up close pictures of the action if you are interested. Slam Magazine sent a list of questions for an interview with Ellis and we got to hear his answers on air. A lot of it was about Ye Olden Days of his skate career and his feelings on it. The whole thing turned into a reminiscent fun time about his old life. I personally love hearing these stories, even though I was never a skater. My whole skate career consisted of Tony Hawk video games. But I was awesome at them. With cheat codes. Anyway, Ellis always gets so nostalgic about his skate career and you can really hear his spirits lift when he gets going on old stories about coming from nothing and competing with his heroes and then doing drugs and acting crazy. It was pretty cool, but re-capping it in detail would take too god damn long so check it out on demand, I’m not your fucking mother.

Normally, as a rule, when New Music Tuesday gets pushed into Wednesday, I have a signature segment of just not covering it at all, and thus far I’ve been proud of what’s come out of that segment. Today, however, something awful happened. I was behind on listening because I was hanging out with my daughter, and as I moved through NMT I listened with feigned interest because hey, I don’t recap this shit anyway. But as soon as we got into the pick of the week, I was suddenly warped back within Sirius to the beginning of NMT. I thought “SHIT! Oh well, I bet it won’t happen again. And if it does, the show should be on demand any minute now, they usually post it around 6pm PST.” None of those things happened my friends. I listened to NMT THREE GODDAMN TIMES. So, I’m taking this as a sign from the universe that I need to buck up and cover NMT.

Twitter tells me that @Jen_E_Tipping got her Wolfknife name, we salute you! OBGYJen

It also tells me @FredoWin is named SummerPasta. We salute you!


Have a good week, fuckers! And seriously, go read Cody’s story you lazy fuck.




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