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If you were listening today, during the mutated segments of “Unsigned Bands” dueling with “Unsigned Farts”, you heard a name that probably sounded familiar to you. @CassetteCoast If you remember, Coast is the guy that Systematically murdered everyone on TJES with his lyrics, the guys sure remembered. And they gave him respect for his current and initial appearances. Well, he was back today with a new track called “Sith Lord” that once again showed he’s no joke. Give it a listen, you’d never know this guy wasn’t already signed to a big deal, because he sure as shit should be.

Now, here’s what you didn’t hear today. He also made another “diss” track, all in good fun – but unfortunately, it didn’t get played in today’s shortened show. But luckily for us, @CassetteCoast was nice enough to send it to us so everyone else could hear it too. Here is what Coast has to say about it:

The call for submissions was more than 2 weeks prior to Ellismania, so what I wrote was time sensitive material with expectations of them doing the segment BEFORE leaving to Vegas.
When it became clear that they wouldn’t be doing it until AFTER Ellismania, I submitted Sith Lord out of fear of my diss track not packing the same punch as it otherwise would have.
Things on the show have changed since they’ve returned from Vegas, validating my assumption.
Karla Lane became 100 times more of a touchy subject. Will has a new love interest. Tully hasn’t spoken about prostates in a while. And Ellismania went on to sell more than 800 tickets.
Again, everything I wrote was time sensitive and reflected everything that was going on with the show back when the call for submissions was first made. Had I known it was going to sit for as long as it did, I would’ve written vaguer material. Oh well. I lost my battle against a fucking fart. Fml.

And with that, here is his next “Target Practice” track:


Well look who’s back on Unsigned Bands still unsigned
fuck it, lets do some target practice one more time…

Wills’ a bitch, flexing that lame ass name badge
It aint that serious bro, where yo brain at?
Staring out that office window up in the sky
Thinking bout them strokey face hacker hoes at Best Buy
Ah Ha, a horse is a horse of course of course
HEY WILBUR, see if Jason loan you his Porsche
I know it’s hard to be the boss and people knowing who you are
you got your name put on a parking spot but you aint got no car
and that’s fucked up, I know it, you really can’t control it
and when bitches ask you bout it you just say somebody stole it
Red Dragons
Red Dragons

Michael Tully is a bitch, twinkle toes, why in every single show
you talkin bout your prostate and checking out your penis hole
Leave that old thing alone your dick probably don’t like you
and your baby momma Yoko Ono seems very delightful
Plus you’re Lennon-esk and by that I mean gay
Whats a wank between friends? Put Josh’s dick in your face
Get that threesome with you, him, and that creature
then come back and Get The Cock Off Your Chest, don’t let her eat you
that’d be fucked up, I know it, you really can’t control it
when you’re college educated and Jason is your employer
Red Dragons
Red Dragons

Rawdog is bitch, that picture of him smiling with his Prius
pulled it off the lot looking like a fork pulled out the “meatus”
Let me leave you with some wisdom, I really hope you take it
Don’t bring sand to the beach, don’t take a slot machine to Vegas
That’s a Karla Lane reference, in case nobody caught it
and you so damn retarded Kevin Kraft be looking smarter
Blowing weed in his booty-hole
Man that’s the type of shit you doing in that studio?
I guess when you come from a family of dumb-dumbs
in 8 years you’ll get your trust fund that’ll be such fun
Red Dragons
Red Dragons

Jason Ellis is awesome, when he’s not acting like a bitch
and bleeding out his panties and PMS’ing and shit
So Ellismania 9 just sold 800 tickets
but look at it like this nigga, you still get free crickets
That’s gangsta, a foreigner, striving to get more in life
and real men ride green, I see you with that orange bike
Dear Katy, I’m sorry I called you Butter-Face
I think you’re really pretty in a Betty Crocker sort of way
that’s fucked up, I know it, you really can’t control it
and when Ellis makes it home do him a favor fuckin blow him
Red Dragons
Red Dragons

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