Show Re-cap for Wednesday 6/26/2013

Happy Wednesday mongrels, and welcome to the Wednesday re-cap of The Jason Ellis Show. As you know, Wednesday is the day when you get 30% half assed attempt at conveying what exactly happened on the show mixed with 70% of me losing concentration and spracking off about bullshit having nothing to do with the show. And much like my recaps, Jason opened the show talking about how we are all like bugs stuck on a wave in the ocean, just helplessly moving along in the world. Rawdog is feeling a little better, but he is a little anxious about shit in his personal life, which are pretty legitimate complaints concerning IRS, the tension with Ellis and how sore he has been with his workouts lately. Which brings me to my first observation, Rawdog is getting a lot more confidence lately. Maybe it’s all that testosterone he is inserting into his ass making him assert himself a little more, or maybe it’s his perch that is making him feel all high and mighty(oh?….*ding*). And with that, Rawdog asked if he could just get his workout out of the way early. Atta kid, Josh. The guys talked a little bit about his possible fight with Shenanigan Gunnz at Ellismania, trying to figure out what should be on the line when they fight, which should be a fight for the Dog’s chair on the show. Josh naively said that he wasn’t sure he was the most disposable person on the show, but wouldn’t nut up and say how much he thinks Tully sucks.

Don't worry Rawdog, Tully still loves you.

Don’t worry Rawdog, Tully still loves you.

Snookie doesn’t want to do moto anymore because she crashed a few times and just isn’t into it. Some people called in giving Ellis some advice on how to get her into it, or at the very least have something to do so they can all have family time. Surprisingly, the callers gave some good advice and even more surprisingly, Ellis was pretty receptive to most of it. Even if he knew some of them wouldn’t work with Snook specifically, he seemed a little more positive than he has been as of late, maybe has something to do with his new shrink, but he was pretty up today so something is working.

Motocross superstar Josh Hansen was somewhat of a special guest host today. He’s not much in the way of personality, but he did provide a good jumping off point for the guys throughout the show. Some of the topics included getting a bad bitch or a down bitch, what kinds of chicks he should bang or how many hot chicks listen to Ellis. Oh, and according to Twitch, Hansen has AIDS.

Time for Ellis to pay up for failing in his donut challenge from yesterday and pat some predators provided by Reptile Outpost. I like Jason, I really do. But hearing him almost have a nervous breakdown over patting some stupid spider or lizard gives me great joy. At least it did until I googled what he was patting.

Yeah, I'll pass.

Yeah, I’ll pass.

WHOA, yeah maybe he does have more balls than me getting bitten by that thing. Moving on, it is a sad day in both the history of Australia and Big Ol’ Titties, because Prime Minister Huge Tits has been kicked out of office by a guy who used to be Prime Minister and probably hates his own penis. Some German guy was arrested for a heightened case of road rage. And by road rage, I mean he is responsible for 762 incidents in which he fired a gun at people who pissed him off on the highway. I like to think that he was justified in doing so, because I think 762 people would be low for the amount of people who have pissed me off on the highway.

Ellis is training to be a tattoo artist, and Josh Hansen was game to be his first test subject, resulting in this glorious piece of dick art. This whole part of the show was basically just a tattoo gun buzzing while Rawdog and Tully just made small talk and caught up on some throw away news, but it may be a start of something cool where Ellis tattoos people on the show. Which, if you’ve been a fan of the show for a while, you know it’s going to end with somebody being shocked with a dog collar while trying to draw a picture, and Ellis tries to mimic their drawing in tattoo form. (PAY ME MOTHAFUCKA)

WORLD’S GREATEST WEDNESDAY BITCHES! I wasn’t listening live, so I was kind of bummed I couldn’t participate, but today’s topic was World’s Greatest Person With A Chip On Their Shoulder. Really funny conversation, I’d suggest listening to it through OnDemand. One thing I’d like to spin off on here is that Tully brought up the movie ‘Perfume’ and I fucking loved that movie. This dude murders chicks and cooks their bodies up and extracts their essence and makes a perfume that makes people lose their minds and have massive orgies. Really good flick, check it out. Like I said, WGW dude’s with chips on their shoulder, her is the top 3:

3. Anal Gay Lewis (Seriously, that guy would throw his own mother under the bus if he thought Ellis would compliment him)

2. Buzz Aldrin (First loser on walking on the moon)

1. Canada. (Ah, Canada. You people and your hockey and your gravy cheese curdles fries)

Woo! less than 1000 words and I think I could give myself a C+ on that recap. Not too shabby if I say so myself, and if you disagree and think this recap is shit, well I will tell you to politely fuck off and die in a car fire you piss-smeared miscreant.

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