Show Re-cap for Thursday 6/20/2013

Can you jiggle? Do you jiggle? Do you find jiggling sexy? If you so its okay, many dudes82994249 think that chicks that are shredded aren’t that sexy. A prime example is Madonna, she has tried to work herself to perfection and that in turn has made her far less attractive than if she hasn’t. Tully texted Shanannigan a picture of his man marbles and an apology in case anything they were joking about on the show yesterday made her upset because Tully is an accidental asshole and he knows it. Rawdog’s girlfriend came over and felt his forehead and tucked him in and made him feel all better yesterday because he was sick and his mommy was busy. Instagram now has video that is longer than vine so make of this what you will. Apparently now gluten is fine, sugar is bad, fat doesn’t make you fat, and vitamins are good unless you take too many, then you’ll die of ass cancer. This sparked the discussion of eating healthy, fast food as a child, fish n chips, hamburgers, and now I’m hungry.

The only Hollywood News worth mentioning today is that James Gandolfini died yesterday from a heart attack in Italy at the age of 51. Josh’s dad wrote an article about his grandma that used to be a happy ending masseuse. And here’s the video of the clam licking salt off a table.

Rest In Peace

Russel Brand said some hilarious things about Macaulay Culkin. Ellis took his kids to a super kid wonderland called Giggles & Hugs with a dude singing songs and macaroni and cheese and moms catching a good buzz on mimosas and Chardonnay. Are you a teen? Need advice? Well you’ve come to the right place. Actually you didn’t, I didn’t take any notes on this because whiney teens are morons and I’m surprised they haven’t all choked on their own forks while eating.

Aaron Hernandez, a football player dude, had his home searched after a dead body was discovered near his home. The boy from the balloon boy hoax has created a truly shitacular metal band. They talked about the Grizzly Man movie, the one where the dude

"Bears are attracted to menstrual blood"

“Bears are attracted to menstrual blood”

got eaten, not the other one that Tully watched. He thought he was one with the bears until he became one with a bear. But the movie didn’t show the best part. Here’s the Jagermeister  pool party gone bad video. During Final Calls Bear Edition we learned that bears love JiffyPop, menstrual blood, and get jealous when other bears have a human friend and they don’t. Andrew WK finished his world record setting 24 hour long drum playing while sitting in his own shit, except for those five minute breaks every hour. Speaking of setting records, I’d personally like to congratulate yer mum on her new record, it’s been two whole days sinse she has last shit herself in Walmart, OH!

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