Show Re-cap for Friday 6/21/2013

Welcome back to the AIDS free Friday recap! This is the third day without Internet, if it’s not fixed there won’t be a show Monday according to the Wing. The interns can’t make a proper smoothie so the Onit guy is gonna make a video to show these man babies how to do it correctly. Are you good enough for the Tully challenge? You need to find a legit mental age quiz before the interns, you win nothing but the pride of being smarter than a bunch of guys with the combined intelligence of a number two pencil. Ellis went to The Pink Taco and watched the end of the final NBA game and stood in the back. He noticed that everyone was dressed up and he felt out of place. This started a long discussion of basketball games and douche canoes leaving early. I don’t really care about basketball so my ADD kicked in and, umm, i forgot, but I forgot that too, so moving on. Ellis is going to 4488601Pala and is staying in the indian casino. They started talking about gambling and the lottery curse and how the lottery is basically an idiot tax and how the morons that win the money end up ruining their life because they don’t know how to manage finances properly, or what color to paint their double wide. Ellis has a therapist and a life coach now. Rawdog only has a therapist but he doesn’t seem to think Josh is a threat to himself without even asking. But if Josh was to commit suicide he would do it by grinding pills and mixing in a deliciously deadly chocolate pudding.

A 29 year old man was arrested for beating a stranger that he thought was bunpin uglies

I couldn't find a pic of Rawdog on a bike so enjoy the Wangcaster!

I couldn’t find a pic of Rawdog on a bike so enjoy the Wangcaster!

with his girlfriend and then fled on roller blades. Ellis’s app is a show betting app. I’m not sure how it works but I think the fans can chip in to get someone to do something entertainingly stupid. Ellis wants josh to race tiger on a bicycle but Josh still says no. He doesn’t want to endure that kind of humiliation unless he gets paid ten thousand dollars.  Bert McCracken joined the boys to listen to why Rawdog won’t ride a bike and why he hates the gays. Bert wants to raise his kids in the outback instead of Murica because bla bla bla. Again, my ADD.
In a hilarious yet ironic story a snake handler got bitten numerous times by a poisonous viper while giving a demonstration to help people get over their fear of snakes. The gnarliest thing you can do on a sail boat is to do a show from the Bermuda Triangle and shoot ghost loads into another dimension, hopefully landing on Amelia Earhart’s face. Tully and Bert then got into the discussion of world issues, intelligence, and some other stuff that was way too smart for me to be able to pay attention to.

gandhi-racists-sexual-deviantBreaking news, Gandhi hated black people and The Offspring. I’m confused as to like him or hate him so I will continue my life not worrying about it. But if it turns out that he hates Nickelback too then I can overlook the whole black thing. He also said something about fucking mother Teresa and that’s metal as fuck! Foxy came in today also just to hang out and chill for a bit. They talked to her about fucking jungle cats and who can pump the hardest but then Rawdog did his workout routine again and I lost track because between Josh’s porno soundtrack workout, Bert, Foxy, and Ellis all at the same time I couldn’t keep track. Are you starting to see a pattern here? Then they started to do some final calls and my app crapped out so if they were good then you should tune in at 6am pacific and listen to the best two hours of the show. But don’t hold your breath, final calls are usually more retarded then yet mum at the Chuck E Cheese, OH!

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