Show Re-cap for Friday 3/29/2013

You can get energy from nature, not solar, wind, fossil fuel, or killer tree energy but happy grass on your feet energy. As you know its Easter weekend and nothing says family and friends like talking about crucifixions. Nobody crucifies any more, not even those crazy terrorist fucks. Probably because it’s such a brutal and slow way to die, most died of jesussuffocation and exposure and tetanus from rusty unsteralized nails. Pendarvis is going to bring in some ghost hunters to try to convince Big Daddy Jase Cakes that ghosts are real by showing him their “best evidence.” This will be rather entertaining as Jason will most likely tell them that they are all fucktarded and might even make one of them cry. But with this topic the guys did think of a new show, a ghost hunting show but at the end after they don’t find shit, they just scare the shit out of Rawdog. But no matter how full of shit the ghost hunters are, Chris Angel is more full of shit than them all. Tully wants to learn the secrets of fortune tellers and psychics, mainly just to fuck with people. In Crystal Meth News, a 60 year old man was arrested for the distribution of meth for the 6th time and planned on using the money to open a sex shop, and did I mention that he’s a Catholic Pastor? Easter is Sunday, and EVERYTHING cool stops so people can get dressed up go to church and find colored eggs. Then they talked about Disneyland and how it’s a cool place except for the kids, and the lines, and the expense, and the characters that always try to molest you. But other than that it’s a lot of fun.
In Hollywood News, Lil Wayne is having seizures because he has epilepsy, not drug abuse wink wink nudge nudge. There was a huge party at Biebers house thrown by Little Twist, Justin’s friend that wrecked his Lambo. Lindsay Lohan took a ton of shit from wardrobe after guest appearing on Anger Management but claimed that she had a deal worked out with producers, bullshit. Cysco did the thong song in a sports bar, I would provide the link but be honest, nobody gives a shit. More Lohan news, she tried to avoid being photographed in Brazil by hiding under a table during some promotion job. In MMA News, the Diez camp is filing a complaint over the GSP fight claiming that the weigh ins weren’t correct and there was improper and suspicions drug screen issues.

Joanna Angel came into the studio today to play a sex question game. With every wrong answer,  Ellis delivers pain, and Josh delivers insults. Well, he’s trying to insult. Asphixia surprise-buttsex-giraffewas supposed to be here as well but she didn’t show so the master of pain, Dom sat in.  It was a rather hilarious game with answers such as, giraffes, 50 calories, seventeen hundred loads, and to look like a vagina. Then there was an Easter vs Passover duel of stupidity. Tully and Rawdog, with help of super hot Jew, Joanna, looked up facts about the holidays and tried to claim which one was the dumbest. After hermaphrodite rabbits, raining frogs, burning bushes, and peeps, it was concluded that Easter was better because horseradish sandwiches are just fucking gross.

Here are todays results of the Greatest Riff contest:

More Than A Feeling
Back In Black – Winner

Welcome To The Jungle
Highway To Hell – Winner

Back In Black – Winner
Highway To Hell

Walk This Way – Winner
Hells Bells

Life In The Fast Lane – Winner
Paradise City

Walk This Way – Winner
Life In The Fast Lane

Back In Black – Winner
Walk This Way

Final calls were lame as usual. A few people trying to vote on the greatest riff 30 minutes after it ended, the usual penis compliments, a few lame ass jokes, same ol shit. I hope you all have a happy Easter. My favorite memory of Easter was when all the eggs had been found except one. Everyone looked and looked but we couldn’t find it, we gave up figuring that the dog might have ate it or something. Well, a few weeks later yer mum came by again and had a most unusual stench. She said it started a couple days after Easter and she doesn’t know why. Well guess what, I found the last Easter Egg deep in yer mums basket, OH!easter-bunny

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