Show Re-cap For Friday 1/4/2013

Apparently when you lived in three countries and used to be a professional skateboarder and are a radio host, you can get all confused and shit. But it’s Friday and instead of getting confused it’s best to just not give a fuck and keep pushing forward to the weekend. You know what else is confusing? Swedish Fish, which were made by the Swedish who also love the Swedish Fist. Take my advise and be sure you don’t get the two mixed up. Fun fact of the day, Pigmy people eat other people and then shrink their heads. Its true, I did some fact checking and after that bullshit I just posted it anyway. Ellis and Rawdog got into a deep discussion about moto and the upcoming race. After the in depth analysis of Chad Reed, Vilipoto, Kawasaki, KTM, and what ever other stuff they were talking about, Ellis said that you can get a discount tickets for The Nuclear Cowboys in Ontario California by using the promo code, ELLIS. Then there was more moto talk. But more importantly, don’t miss EllisMania 8 1/2 this Saturday!

In Hollywood News the Twilight star Bronson Pelletier was arrested. Apparently airports don’t like it when you do this. Russle Crowe is getting shit for singing in Le Miserable, Lil Wayne got “Baked” tattooed in his face, Vern Troyer was photographed riding a pony, Ozzy might get an airport in Birmingham England named after him, Reddragons. Samuel Jackson tried to gat a reporter to say the N-

get along really really little doggie

get along really really little doggie

word, Snoop Dogg thinks his kids haven’t tried smoking pot yet, and the Hollywood News Queen, Lindsay Lohan has been evicted from her Hollywood mansion. A caller told the guys about a little league fight among the parents in Columbus Georgia, and here’s another one from Colorado. Ellis almost got his knob bit off by his puppy, Burger. Bad dog, very very bad dog. dog-dildo

A stripper in Cleveland did a never before done spin maneuver called the “Throw yourself off a balcony and die.” This story kicked off Women Am I Right? with special guest, Burt McCracken. Some chick called her ex-boyfriend over 700 times a day then ran over his mom. A pair of beaver eaters are trying to get a sperm donor to pay them child support for the load in a jar he gave them. Burt and the guys talked about the usual rock start stuff, sex, drugs, music, barf, skin tags, dicks, you know, the usual. The biggest breakthrough to come from this interview was the Burt is planning on moving to Australia, he hasn’t told his band yet. Then Will came in with his trademark game, ummm, I’m not sure what its called so we can just call it Will’s Topic Game. This brought up a lot of great discussions and opinions and I highly recommend listening to the repla….oh wait, never mind  But take it from me, you should have heard it, it was great!

Hey_Ladies_-_Bill_ClintonTully read a story about how former President Clinton lost the codes to launch the nukes for a couple weeks while he was in office. But who really want to launch missiles while your getting your knob slobbed by interns. Monsanto is making a genetically modified cucumber that will make your pubes fall out. Or your ass hair, depending on where you put it. There was another game that was attempted. The callers had to call in and make an animal sound and Ellis had to guess the animal. Sounds simple enough, except that almost all the callers are idiots. For example, one guy made a sound like a pig that was fighting with a dog in a pool of swamp moss, turn out that was yer mum calling and she dropped the phone in her lap, OH!

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