Show Re-cap For Wednesday 8/29/2012

I honestly have no idea what this is!

Why hello there friends, how are you this lovely afternoon? Please join me on this mystical and wondrous adventure through the lolly pop fields and licorice trees. There was a very very special guest on the show today. We got to visit with out bestist best friend ever, Tiger Ellis! The beginning of the show was a very G rated set up with a few news stories and then some fun and funny sound drops, YAY! There was a bit of discussion about baby poopies and how they sometimes make quite the mess. Steven Hawking would rather be without legs than an eagle because eagles have no romance in their life. Monkeys are really smart and heart burn free because they have Tums and Tiger was bullying Raw Dog because, well, that’s what happens to Man Boys. And if your a millionare oil tycoon, get a prenup, becasue all kinds of icky bad things can happen that are no fun at all.

Tiger is asleep, so lets move on with this fucking recap like a horny dude plowin through a bus full of barely legal cheerleaders! (Thank you Penthouse Forum) Its time for Ellis to

Role models – FUCK YEAH!!

read some fucking poetry while Josh drinks some green ass drink and let me tell you thefucking poem was so fucking fantastically fantastic that i couldn’t believe the fucking words I was hearing. Will had some shitty game that was from some pile of crap girls magazine that was supposed to tell them how to not be bitchy cunts like their mums but I’m pretty sure that the fucking magazine missed the damn point, especially the part thatdidn’t tell them that snitches get stitches, stupid bitches. Hey fuckers, if you cut yourself then get help, I don’t mean accidental I was juggling chainsaws cuts, but I feel bad so I cut myself cuts. Got it? Cuttings bad m’kay!

The baby dick cutting American Association of mutilating Pediatrics says that there are more benefits to circumcision than not. Whatever you decide, know this, it feels better, the dude on the radio said so, that makes it true. In today’s final calls we learned that bitches be crazy and shit all hatin’ on each other instead of going on epic cross country trips where they get to rail random dudes in different places and visit new pharmacy’s for penicillin and antibiotics and Plan B pills, Spice Radio is just a bunch of cock hungry whores that want to get on your balls and shoot jizz all over the fucking place, and if your not sure if you should get married or keep dick stabbing bitches then you probably aren’t ready to settle down.

Tiger woke back up, so I leave you with this my friend, where ever you are, what ever you are doing, remember someone loves you, and its probably yer mum, she loves you long time, OH! (This joke was rated G for all audiences).

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