Show Re-cap For Tuesday 8/14/2012

The ghost of Rawdog made his debut on the show today, he claims to have saw bright lights and Saint Peter trying to snowball him. If you were to believe this apparition, he said he told good old Saint Peter North that it was not his time, but we all know he loves his own load, so there ya go. Jude was also on the show today, talking about how he got all fucked up on morphine pills – which just might be the pill Tully has been looking for. And speaking of Jude and pills, he wants to shove a morphine pill up Rawdog’s sister’s butt, no biggie. However, Rawdog does not share Jude’s enthusiasm for his sisters holes and so he is cock blocking. This is a man that didn’t spit out his own load that got snowballed into his mouth because he didn’t want to make his girlfriend feel uncomfortable. When addressing the snowballing move to his girlfriend, he said “that’s kind of weird”, her response was “don’t be such a baby” Sweet Jesus! This chick is going to rule over the Rawdog, it’s starting to sound like an abusive relationship.

Keeping with the abusive relationship topic, Ellis said everyone should just leave Mayhem alone. He’s going through a tough time that he was unprepared for and it’s a hard transition to make. I really know nothing of Mayhem’s plight, but I do wish him all the best and you should too – if not only just to be a compassionate human. More talk about Staph Shaffington and his infected ding-a-ling, quite a few callers chimed in about the staph infections they’ve had in various places, such as on their balls, shaft, ass crack, etc. Shout out to all those staph genitals out there in the world, you make my eye twitch! In news that’s not really news at all, America is on the cusp of an obesity epidemic. Lot’s of people are overweight and many of them could probably do something about it, but choose not to. Whatever, there’s not much more you can really say about that except, BOOM-BOBBA-BOOM! Today was NMT, that is all. And now I leave you with a final thought, remember all those screaming sounds your mom makes when she’s getting DP’ed? Doesn’t it sound exactly like Stevie Wonder answering his clothes iron? OH!

P.S. Tully gave our site a shout out today at the end of the show! Thanks to @EllisMate, @RadioTFB, and @possiblytully because that gave us a boner!

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