Show Re-cap For Thursday 4/26/2012

Welcome back to another fun filled episode.  Today’s show started out strong with discussion about Jason’s interview on @KTLA, the morning news/talk show much like Good Morning America but for LA only because they are special.  The interview went well, Jason felt that it was well received and the guy on the show got to flex his “I know Australians” muscles.  Jason also attended a black metal concert with his back to current girlfriend Katie. CumTard the Cumtardian was also there but Jason found it better to avoid him.  Good call.

Discussion turned to a new Segway skateboard love child called the Z-Board, and as one would expect, we all wondered if Josh could ride it.  Maybe someday we will get to find out, and then laugh our asses off.  Jude came in again today with a much more mellow topic, Kava.  I’m not sure what it is and I’m too lazy to read the link i attached, if you are curious please feel free to check it out.  When you are done, just let the rest of us know.

The rest of the show was pretty mellow, a bit of discussion here and there so I will wrap it up quickly.  Aussie News, a guy stole a penguin, Ellis called some of the Cum Challenge finalists, a dude banged his girl in the ass because she was on her rag and he got poopie dick, and Rawdog is now an internet dating guru and feels that this single date has given him enough knowledge that he is entitled to share. I think he should write a book on it, and again, we will laugh our asses off.

Thomas Hayden Church called in today and the thing that I am most impressed with is that he is an avid listener.  That’s pretty fucking cool in my book.  The game that Josh was going to play yesterday got played today and in my opinion, I would have rather listened to another episode of New Music Tuesday.  The game was slow, and got boring fast.  It was a good concept but didn’t work out well. Guess they can’t all be winners. And finally, Egypt is trying to pass a law so that a husband may use his wife as a human fuck torso up to six hours after her death.  Everyone agrees this is fucking disgusting.  This is the part where I make a joke about yer Mum, but she does a pretty good job of doing that all by herself, OH!

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