Show Re-cap For Monday 4/30/2012

Hello people. I trust you had a good weekend? It’s Monday, and Ellis has been driving Thomas Haden Church’s Porsche over the weekend and also got charged $1000 big ones for bleeding all over his hotel room. Ellis’ mom forgot his kids’ birthdays again this year, what an awesome grandmother! That bit of information lead into a little tirade about his past family issues he’s currently dealing with. The @Jingleberries made more gold today when the new @DanOD5’s Mom tunes were revealed. They’re amazing so be sure to check for when those songs get posted. There was quite a bit of talk about motorists, and bicyclists – so uh, you know, don’t bike or drive like a dickface.

Mayhem was on the show today and did a little bit of radio by himself, as you might imagine, it was a disaster. He basically told a story about going camping over the weekend. There almost seems to be something a little more than friendly “ribbing” going on between Ellis and Mayhem. It sometimes feels like when two really good and long-time friends start purposely annoying each other and both kind of keep tossing these “fuck you” jabs into their conversations. Although, shortly after the Mayhem radio hour and Ellis came back in to save him, everything seemed to be fine and pretty normal – as normal can be anyway.

Rawdog went to his new roomies birthday party over the weekend. About a week ago, he also started to suspect his new roommate was gay after seeing one of his bands’ videos on the Internet. The birthday party was the confirmation after his friends seemed to be clearly gay and then a guy started to talk to Rawdog more than the other guys and got a little touchy feely – literally, touching his arm and such. They all went out for food and got drunk, then everyone went to go clubbing and Rawdog went home, once they got back home, they had some more shots and then there was a slumber party. o_O Now, let me tell you about the first time I met your mother. She was shopping at the grocery store and put the following items in her basket: One dozen large eggs, One pound of Swiss cheese, One box of brownie mix, One twelve pack of soda, Two pounds of coffee, One gallon of whole milk. While placing the items on the conveyor belt at the checkout, I calmly said,”You must be single.” She looked at her food items on the counter and saw nothing unusual about her purchase that could have informed me that she was single. Curiously, she said “Yes, you’re right. But how in the world did you know that?” I replied, “‘Because you’re ugly.” And then I banged her in the ass with the grocery bag over her head. OH!

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  1. Missed good bits and will be tuning in to replay at work tomorrow but I listened to the Dude is it Gay scarf conversation and that was fucking riveting. I’ve always had this vendetta with scarfs. I have watched chicks,in the past when I was a single chap, take off with polo scarf yuppie fucks after hangin on my nuts whole night. Fucking scarf fucks

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