Show Re-cap For Monday 3/12/2012

Okay Sirius XM. You motherfuckers better get some cash together for Rawdog. You let Cumtard work his way to being broke until he finally had to leave to go find a paying job, but if you do the same to Rawdog, you’re going to completely fuck the show – and thereby fuck the entire channel. Basically, Rawdog’s roommate is moving out and Rawdog has to either find another roommate or another apartment and he is getting close to running out of money. I suspect he could probably use a portion of his trust fund, but I doubt he wants to keep dipping into that to work for free.

Rawdog went on his Friday night date, where he was to meet this chick, a dude, and another chick, all of whom are into “open” relationships. He showed up to the chicks house, where the 3 other people were as well. They played some Scrabble, they cooked dinner, ate, and eventually they all started talking about their “poly” lifestyle. They all sat on the couch and started watching porn, he thinks both girls were trying to get the party going and Rawdog was just too uncomfortable with the other dude being there. It was later revealed that Rawdog ended up going home and whacking off. Congratulations, Rawdog’s highlight was being able to play the word “Equation” and got a shitload of points or something and missing out on chubby pussy.

Ellis is going to race trucks in the Lucas Oil series again, Twitch helped get Ellis a ride via one of his sponsors, they’re going to let him use a “celebrity” truck for a weekend. That bit of news was almost skipped over because Rawdog was busy talking about pennies. How dare he not hump a heftychick with another large chick and a dude! And that was about it for the show. One thing we’re left to assume though, one of those whales Rawdog was meant to fuck was most assuredly you’re mom. OH!

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