Show Re-cap For Wednesday 2/22/2012

It’s Chad Reed Day (#ChadReedDay) and that’s all you fuckin’ need to know. You can check out some very real and accurate #ChadReedFacts submitted by everyone, including Chuck Norris. People also sent in their poems and haikus of Chad Reed, which were totally endearing, like OMG!

Amy Schumer (@amyschumer) came on the show today, she’s a comedian / actor, and also female (you may have already figured that out.) Considering how the last interview with a female comic went, I think people were anxious to see how this interview went. And it went really good. What? What else do you want me to say? It’s not like I’m going to do a word for word, play by play of her interview. She was actually on the Rawdog channel (not Josh, the comedy channel on Sirius XM) with Ellis awhile ago. They were guests and people would call in and try to make them laugh for a chance at winning $1000 or something. Which if you thought the finger banging story she told sounded familiar, that’s why, apparently it’s a “bit” she does.

Let’s not forget, today is also World’s Greatest Wednesday, which is inconsequential compared to Chad Reed Day, but that’s why today was world’s greatest Chad. So let’s just go right into the list and their placement:

  1. Chad Reed DayChad Reed & Chad Weed (the drug dealer from Toronto)
  2. Chad Muska
  3. Chad Kagy
  4. Chad Ginsburg
  5. Chad Ochocinco

Since it’s such a special day and there was only a top 5 for world’s greatest Chad, here’s another list for world’s greatest Reed:
(shout out to @mike_in_canada for jotting down the list for me while I violated your mother)

  1. Chad Reed
  2. Artie Reed
  3. Tara Reid
  4. Chopper Read
  5. Ellis’ ability to read

And that’s it for World’s Greatest Wednesday. Enjoy it, bask in it, take it out for dinner and penetrate it. It was also new music day today, Rawdog got his ass chewed and spit out for playing shitty music again. Cumtard ate more of his pubes while getting electrocuted, it sounded pretty disgusting as he was gaging on his pubes. You know, a little more punishment before he leaves the show is never a bad thing. Plus he has to get rid of his bag of pubes before he leaves the show. It was mentioned that maybe since it is Chad Reed Day, maybe he should be eating Chad Reed pubes as it might give him superpowers.

And, grand finale time… are you ready for it? Are you really ready? Really, really ready? The Chad Reed was on the phone for the end of the show. That’s right, the fuckin’ ledge, Chad Reed. He was in good spirits, talked about how he’s coming back next year to rule shit and also said something about how he just absolutely destroyed your mom’s box. OH!

2 thoughts on “Show Re-cap For Wednesday 2/22/2012

  1. I honestly don’t think josh deserves the bashing he gets for NMT. When he first started doing it, yea he defenetly went out of his way to put shit on fucking NO ONE knew. I was not a fan cause the metal he did get was foreign and stupid. He was missing so much good ole USA metal and im a biased homegrown metalhead. I dig the foreign stuff but only to a certain point. Well then with the constant bashing he changed and I think he gets a very good variety on now. It’s new music and trust me I know new music is kinda downhill but it’s still new. He has only so many options with the new music. Josh dosnt have a say at what new is out. I think he does a good job, and I hope it dosnt change,cause as good of a job josh does tully and J bashing it is very very funny. And his pic of the week was not that bad. I can honestly say I listen 2 everything (true love will always be death metal) so I guess my music taste is a lil fucktarded but I dig everything. That pic of week did not deserve that bashing. That band was just on SNL and that chic is kinda hot. I’m tweeting the video cause I’m to retarded to figure out how to put it on here. And I’m just gonna say it I would fuck this sleigh bells chick b4 die antwoord chick. Yup I said it. I feel like I would just be gettin the clap from sleigh bells lady. And from what my mother says, who may or may not have acquired it from Mr.Pimps, is that the clap ain’t that bad. But die antwoord lady is gonna give you some freaky jungle dick shit. But u know I’m always down 4 jungle shit too, that is if I wasn’t married, incase wife is actually reading this… you Babycakes haha ok fuck this I’m out (drops mic, silence….crickets,one guy starts a slow clap….no one joins)

    • *slow clap*
      Yea, he does get bashed on it a lot. I don’t mind it. A lot of it isn’t really my taste but I don’t mind. There have been a few things he’s picked that I did like, so that’s cool. I might not have ever known about them if it weren’t for him. I listen to all kinds of music as well, I like to mix it up. I’ll go from Brujeria straight into Yes and then to KRS-One.

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