Show Re-cap For Thursday 2/9/2012

Rawdog Likes To PartyToday started off with Dog Center, which I find absolutely hilarious, Ellis wasn’t late, he just wanted Rawdog to sweat it out for a few minutes while Tully remained absolutely silent. If Ellis were actually gay and wanted a relationship with someone on the show, his first choice would be to get on the Tully train, for his stability. Which makes perfect sense, next up would be Rawdog, then Will because he won’t be living as long. Dan would be his rebound guy, but you couldn’t expect a real relationship with that guy – he’s got too much game.

This chick called in with the most dainty voice ever and says she’s 24 but sounds like she’s 9. She called her parents “mommy” and “daddy”, shit got weird really quick. Another chick called in with an equally similar “little girl” voice, not quite as dainty, but still sounded young as fuck. And then yet another chick called in, she didn’t sound nearly as young, but she also claimed to be a big fan of the show. More and more “girly girl” chicks kept calling in to say they listen to and love the show and that was about it for Miss Jailbait USA (coined by Tully)

Malin Akerman (@MalinAkerman) was on the show today to tattoo her name on Ellis’ ass (finished product), along with Rawdog and Joe Willy. She seems like a really cool chick, her interview was awesome and she was really into it. She was totally into Death! Death! Die! as well and even wanted to sing on parts of it. I could totally see this girl being part of something in the future whether it be song or video, she rocks.

Today was also “Doing Stuff With Rawdog”, which I’m sure you know is a very clear, concise public service on how to do random things. Like always, he knows how to do most everything but the bright shining star in this episode was when he explained to a girl how to suck a dick – since Valentine’s Day is coming up and all. I uh… it was… I can’t, I just can’t. It was like watching a brutal car wreck. You don’t wanna look, but you just can’t stop looking? It was kinda like that and just as horrifying. Remarkably similar to seeing your mom’s box, I saw a bit of toilet paper still stuck on the opening of her hole. OH!

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