Show Re-cap For Monday 1/23/2012

Dingo came in tired as shit after not sleeping for 3 days and you could tell he wasn’t his normal self. He sounded tired and lethargic, as you might expect after not sleeping for 3 days.

Apparently @possiblytully (maybe others) made a handful of cue cards for @TheDingoInSnow to use as responses to questions. He just sounded tired, uninterested, and even a bit sad the entire time. Hard to be up and at ’em when you haven’t slept and are probably past your 5th or 6th wind.

At any rate, I tried to help out Dingo by submitting #CueCardsForDingo and it slightly took off. Some were funnier than others. Dingo ended up falling asleep and Benji Madden (@benjaminmadden) came in as relief. It has been quite awhile since he was on the show, so it was refreshing and he actually participated with his own brand of humor that was pretty good. He teased Rawdog and gave him a bit of a hard time about past comments. He participated in “Tennis / Pump Grunts” – giving Rawdog cues on when and how much he should grunt if he were to have sex with a female tennis star – as if she were grunting like they do during a match.

An apparent old “fling” of Cumfat’s came on the show. She sang part of a tribute song to Chad Reed after he was named “fastest dude in moto” or something like that. She got grilled a bit. We found out some interesting details pertaining to her and Cumtard, as well as their previous and post relationships. It basically ended with them agreeing to go out (note: she never really said date, but everyone else did) and we’re left to see what happens.

That’s the gist of it. Well, that and your mom blew Wesley Snipes once.

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