Show Re-cap For Friday 1/27/2012

Bill The Scorpion’s (@BillTheScorpion) dick is racist. According to Tully, Bean Been And Bien (@BeanBeenAndBien) changed their name to Bean Been and Gaines, and one of them apparently got impregnated. James Hetfield was a shark during the creation of the Black album. Rawdog has never seen a shark breaching the water. And Ellis has had Rawdog’s mom’s legs behind her head – on video.

Rawdog BabyTalk naturally turned to burping techniques Tully and Ellis use. So to help illustrate the various techniques, they turned to Rawdog to play the baby – who can hold his own bottle with two hands and legs in the air. Tully liked to use a rocking technique with two fingers under the armpit and two fingers on the jaw. Ellis uses a combination of a pat and rub motion on the back. Later, Pendarvis got to illustrate his technique on Rawdog as well, by picking him up and putting his shoulder into the diaphragm and slightly squeezing.

There has been talk in the past about Friday morning shows. How useful they are, what’s better for the show, should they do just afternoons, etc. Of course everyone has their own opinions on that subject, but I think the guys might have worked out something new that they might try in the coming weeks.

The proposal: On Friday’s, they wait for the Stars Too replay to be over, then they start their live show on Faction. Once the live show is over, they go straight into the replay of that days show on Faction as normal. That means a 12 hour block of The Jason Ellis Show! It allows people who missed the previous days show to listen to the replay on Stars Too. Once that is over, they can immediately switch over to Faction for the Friday live show. This would also put them in direct competition with Cavino and Rich, which is pretty fucking funny.

Sharapova GruntFor the past few days, Rawdog has been making sexual grunts in time with the grunts women in tennis make. It’s surprisingly not as disturbing as you might think. They gave Cumtard a shot at it and we found out that when Cumtard has sex, he indeed sounds exactly like his Arnold Schwarzenegger impression. Which of course is just as horrifying as you probably thought.

Joanna Angel (@JoannaAngel) stopped by the show with a fake model of her pussy and asshole. In an effort to help Rawdog with chowing the beave, Joanna started using her own fake pussy to help facilitate. This also allowed Joanna to see what it would be like to lick herself. Apparently she got pretty into it, complete with spitting and slapping of the pussy – which kind of turned awkward like ring finger-finger bang Thursdays. And it should come as no surprise that Rawdog cannot spit, so him licking the cookie must be like having a cat’s dry-ass, sandpaper tongue on your vag.

I think that about covers it, like your mom covered in loads. OH!

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