Why I’m here.

There are many reasons that people started and are currently listening to the Jason Ellis Show (JES), inspiration, instruction, a little laugh on the drive home, or simply its the best thing on at the time.  Whatever your reason may be, your listening.

I finally switched to Sirius radio about 2 years after Howard Stern moved from terrestrial.  At the time I only knew of his show, and the blatant comedy and music channels.  But soon I got tired of the replays of the replays of the replays and started to explore this world.  I found The Bubba The Love Sponge Show and I found it quite entertaining at times.  Other times I was back to channel surfing until I found this odd sounding guy talking about MMA.  This caught my attention, for a little while.

I was bouncing back and forth between the two and eventually found myself understanding the JES more and more.  Understanding the characters, the mindsets, and the general feel of the show. I liked it.  Pretty soon I didn’t listen to the BTLS anymore, I was hooked. This JES was entertaining, informative (in terms of moto and MMA etc), and it was uplifting.  I understand that many people are in need of some guidance, whether its family issues, drug abuse, or confidence issues.  I have applied some “teachings” from the show to my everyday life, and I have also used them to help others.  I socialize with people on Twitter that I have never met.  These people have become my friends without a hand shake, a hello, or an evening drinking beers together.

This radio show has brought all these people to a common meeting place where we can socialize, joke, inspire, and help one another.  Without the JES I don’t think that I would have this in my life, these people, this chance. For that I am grateful.  This is why I am here.

Jason VanKilsdonk – @AZ_RedDragon

And the drinking of donkey semen on Fear Factor was your moms idea.

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  1. Well put. The only reason I started to really participate in Twitter was because of the show. Now I’m flooding Twitter and have all these Twitter “friends” that I’m genuinely interested in and like. I hope one day to make it to an EllisMania where I can meet some of you.

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