The Jason Ellis Show As of December 2011

Here is the re-cap of The Jason Ellis Show for December 2011.

The basics are:

  • He and his wife split up.
  • He went to rehab.
  • He had relapsed for at least several months before he and his wife split, before he went to rehab, as well as before he had announced it on his show.
  • He discovered that he was molested by his father, rather than a family friend, which he had supposedly always thought.
  • He is currently going to therapy and trying to calm his demons.
  • The way he speaks, it is over between him and @AndreaMate – She has apparently moved on. Yet deep inside, he prefers to be with her, and it seems mutual as she sent him at least one confusing text message where she seemed jealous. He says they both spoke, both cried, and it is for the best for both of them and the children to be finished. He also said Andrea is with someone who makes her happy. From what he says on the show, he is supportive. Yet one can’t help from wondering if there is at least a little resentment / disappointment from both sides.
  • He has taken more time off this year than in any other year, yet has also made more advancements and appearances than any other year. While the continual replays are tiresome, no doubt he is going through a lot in his life currently.
  • It seems to be clear that he certainly does dedicate and reveal a lot to his fans, yet believe it or not, he still holds back. He is very open and opinionated on his show, but not as much as he is when he is a guest on Howard Stern’s show or Opie & Anthony. This seems to solidify that he is very open and honest, but will only truly open up completely if there is a potential monetary (or other) gain that furthers him and the show. He is a business, as are his co-hosts. They do appreciate their fans, but they also put their actions in a different light from what their real intentions are.

Regardless of all the facts, Ellis, Rawdog, Tully, and even Kevin put on a good show. Better than anything else out there – when they are on. Now that Ellis is starting to get his life back in order, you might just be witnessing the next new thing in radio. You might be listening to history in the making, close to what we did when Howard Stern started getting syndicated across the nation.

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