Show recap for Tuesday 6/16/2015

omfg..currently typing this on my iPhone on my lunch break with one finger while I try and eat yogurt at the same time…just in case you were wondering ;)

so, getting right on in and down to it..Ellis surprised us all by opening the show with a new intro that was slightly terrible but also slightly alright with a healthy mix of genuinely good. Ellis and Tully didn’t think it was all that bad, but Jude thought it was pretty terrible, but a good starting point. The big points for fucking it up go to that big ol’ Hollywood type Producer that was supposed to be the bees fucking knees who didn’t take notes on the second song that the intro was supposed to roll into from the warrior song. But then again..can we really expect all that much from Bees Knees Man? I mean..bees don’t have fucking knees.

They talked about a bunch of random but somehow related things for a while ranging from undies (Ellis didn’t use to wear them until Under Armour and the Pouch- aka Sexiest Thing Ever/Modern Day Codpiece), Tully and Jude’s absolute indifference to pets and the people who think that they’re evil because of it and, HOLY SHIT IS THST A RACCOON RIDING AN ALLIGATOR?! The animal kingdom has finally started working together and now the next species that will become extinct is the almighty Human cause if raccoons are riding alligators, ladies and gentleman- We are well and truly fucked.

Now for a commercial break/psa: if you’re reading this at anytime before Wednesday before like 10pm eastern time..this was as far as I got on my lunch break, please check back after 10 for the completed recap!! All you others, guess what, you’re not really reading this! If you are..please contact me via Instagram or Twitter and share your tricks for breaking the time space continuum cause this paragraph will be deleted from the finished recap. Coming up…some EM XI talk, some fuck the NHL and their willingness to overlook their players’ murderous tendencies talk, and special guest Tyrese and his bag of kettle chips!