Show Re-Cap for Friday 6/5/2015

Welcome back, we’re live from the Onnit Academy with Aubrey and some other muscle dude. Well, WE aren’t there live but the show is. Ellis is a bit hungover from last nights rooftop party hosted by John in Houston so naturally it’s his fault. While they were talking about More Onnit stuff Ellis got fisted on air from the back but feels better now because that’s what they do at The Onnit Academy, they bring you pain so that you can feel good.

Greg Lutzka came into the Onnit Ellis Studio and to be honest I missed a bit of this interview, like who he is, what he does, but he mainly talked shit about Ellis getting married and fighting. Some other dude came in with Greg and then Ellis and Greg boxed a bit. I’m sure there was more that just that but why bother ourselves with the details.

Ken Block came in next talking about Ken Block stuff like racing and drifting and driving sideways and keeping the shiny side up. And Kit Cope also came in talking about whatever the fuck he wants today  because nobody is going to tell him otherwise. It was awesome. You should have listened. Sucks to be you.

After the break Ellis talked to the girls working out in the gym at the Onnit Academy. He totally didn’t talk about sex, asses, tits, looking hot, if they’re fucking, anal, being naked with each other, buttholes, or anything else that could be construed in any sexual way. It was super exciting. So exciting that it was the end of the show and the end of this recap. Hope you have a great weekend and don’t get AIDS.

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