Show Recap for Tuesday 4/21/15

You know how that show Seinfeld was a show about nothing? Welllll..that’s kind of how I felt about the show today. I don’t know if I’m the only one feeling this way, but it was a whole lot of talking (because, duh) but at the end of it I was all…wait..what am I gonna write about? I dunno maybe I’m cranky cause I’m experiencing terrible allergies for the first time in my life and I’ve had a headache and runny nose and sore throat for three days..but, this may be a short recap. God..none of that was even funny. Bad Jenny..badbad jenny.

Jason Ellis show!!! Ellis and Tully opened up the show talking about how they are on air as opposed to how they are in real life. Ellis was saying that he doesn’t have an on-air persona per se, but when he is on the air he does his best to turn ‘it’ on…and Tully agreed with him. They don’t think they’d be capable of maintaining these on air personas for 20 hours a week, week after week for years and years, but there is that super special part of themselves that they tap in to when they’re trying to give us a good show. Ellis is just that foreign guy that says fuck in a funny accent at the right moment and Tully is the man that says what we all wish we were thinking- because Tully is much much much more clever and smart than most of us could hope to be.

And then Ellis was looking for a button. A guitar riffy voice changer button and I swear to holy Christ he was looking for the goddamn button for at least twenty minutes and did I mention my 3 day long headache? I just, I can’t guys..I can’t deal with the voice changer auto tune nonsense for twenty minutes. I was hoping someone would slap him in the face and say ‘holy fuck dude, please do this off air’. But, Ellis doesn’t have time to do it off air, he doesn’t even have time to post the Instagram pics that he wants that have to do with the show because he’s pulled in so many different directions by his kids and Katie and his job and BJJ and everything. Mans busy as fuck and we are going to listen to him test out guitar riff voice changer buttons until our ears bleed. Apparently. Also, apparently, allergies kind of turn me into a bitch. I want to change my name to Bitch Pudding. Have you seen that skit on Robot Chicken? I fucking love Bitch Pudding. Except that she wears yellow. I’m not really a color person. I wear black and white and grey. Can I be bitch pudding in black and white and grey?

Back from the first break (because seriously that voice changer button thing took forever) Ellis and Tully were joined in the studio by Rashad Evans and Kamaru Usman from the upcoming new season of Ultimate Fighter. Ellis proceeded to explain to them how he was supremely not a racist and gave specific examples as to why he was not one and one of the guys made a good joke about the first giveaway to a racist is the need to over explain about how they are not racist. And I did laugh at that. Rashad and Kamaru are from Blackzilian and in this season of the Ultimate Fighter they are going to be going up against another Florida based team ATT to see who will be the ultimate fighter. Jason got some props from Rashad after Tully showed video of Ellis fighting during Ellismania 10 and it pumped him up hard.

As you have probably seen, Ellis posted a picture of himself while he was on ‘vacation’ wearing an American flag bikini, some sunnies, and a terrible wig and he has decided that since that got the most likes he’s ever gotten on Instagram that he was going to use the newly dubbed Joe Kini to raise some money for charities like the Tony Hawk Foundation and Cystic Fibrosis. How is he going to do that? Well, he wants to do some stunt jumps and he wants us listeners to raise $2500 and he will- as Joe Kini- perform a stunt or jump. To the tweets and callers went Tully and Ellis and there were a lot of good ideas, but of course there were more bad ideas, and they whittled it down to a couple that would be do able. I’m really pulling for Joe Kini being thrown off a roof by Dan Blizerian. It’s funny on so many levels.

Andrew the Giant joined them in the studio next so Ellis could do his brackets for the NBA finals and..I don’t care cause NHL playoffs are way more import at that that shit. Furthermore..I know nothing about basketball or teams and the only name I recognized being said throughout the segment was Lebron James..and that’s even mostly due to the fact that Tully had a long tirade about Lebron sometime last year. I think overall Ellis picked Cleveland to be the winners..and I wish that meant something to me. I wish it did. I know Cleveland is in Ohio. Apparently they have a basketball team.

Finally Tully played us some clips that CumTard contributed to the show of weird things being said or weird sounds being made in porn, and he wants listeners to submit to the show at some of our own picks with a link and the time when the sounds or words are said.

super short recap!!! Hopefully I am back up to snuff next time you tune in here!!!


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