Show Re-Cap for Thursday 4/2/2015

Welcome to the Thursday recap, I have a lot for you today so you better get ready for a flood of entertainment. Or skip it all and just look at the pretty pictures, whatever works best for you. Ellis cut his back open crazy cart racing Tiger. I guess Tiger got up behind him, got him a bit loose, and then slammed him into the wall. That or Ellis just fell off. Tully spent his time pushing his kid on tricycle a tricycle with one of those big handles even 64572b62a7311bca8bb15a0902eb3d2ethough the lazy ass knows how to pedal just fine. But they’re kids and kids are only kids once. They talked about the Vikings show. Its utter nonsense if you don’t watch and I don’t watch so if you wanna know about it then go find out yourself. Everyone knows by now that Ellis has a couple friends from Australia staying with him and Katie and last night they finally had their first celebrity sighting, it was only Fred Durst but they’re from the outback so it counts. This brought up a great talking point, the fallen famous and what are they doing now? Are they still making money or are they giving BJs just to get a warm meal in their bellies? I guess the struggle can be real even for those that we once watched on the big screens. But if you happen to see Molly Ringwald one day and she tries to wash your windshield be kind and give her a dollar, she earned it. Fuck Spotify, they’re like the Walmart of the music industry. They completely rip off the artists just so they and the label can make money, if you like a song go buy it. At this point they just started to ramble on about Amazon buttons, iPhone watches, and holographic table anal. Will was excited to tell everyone about a yogurt shop in Boys Town. His favorite flavor a are Vanillanal, Bumpkin Pie, Hershey Squirt, Backdoor Banana, and Party Boy Pomegranate to name a few.

Back from the break they guys were introduced to Czechoslovakian porn. The best way to describe it is Eww. Google that shit, you’re welcome. Weird sex talk. What have you heard? What might have you said? My ex used to say the most annoying thing ever when we were bumping uglies, she used to say are you done yet I have to take a crap, downloadHEYOO! But seriously, it was annoying. After this they hit a new talking point, What was the weirdest thing you’ve had inside you. It was actually really entertaining. People called in with things like a big piece of glass, a wax dildo, Nintendo plug in the butt cheek, Lego man head in the ribs, gun in the butt at a frat hazing, a Bot Fly larvae, and a doctor who has found a full size shampoo bottle inside a business mans ass. And the best part was when the doctor removed the bottle he guy became a human poo fountain! Speaking of poo fountains they did unsigned bands and they were all mediocre at best so I didn’t write them down but if you want to be apart of Unsigned bands then send an MP3 to

The end of the show was mostly race ideas for mini Moto and some really good ones. Hopefully Ellis can get this to work out because it’s shaping up to be a really cool event. Rap god Andrew W Gay AKA The Cock Asian AKA DJ Frat Cat graced us yet again more of his lyrical miracle by dropping the beats on the streets at your feets making you shudder at the wonder of his thunder as you drool like a fool. It’s was magic. Final Calls. Yup. Final calls.



“Push your limits in the pursuit of Cock. Take the might cock deep within you. Feel the mighty dick stretch your throat, take cock in until it becomes part of you.

Swallowing Lord Cock brings you together. Your host and his mightly cock connect with you, becoming one body together in bliss and pleasure. Learn to let the cock inside you. Feel each ridge as it slides inside you. Each vein pulses against your tongue and throat. Let the cock consume you.

Cock worship is about learning. Learning new ways to worship. Learning to clear your mind as you worship. Learning what cock has to tell you. Expand your mind as you expand your throat.” Amen

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