Mom & Dad Fight: Pre-Prenuptial Agreement

Here is some rare audio that was meant to stay buried and never be heard of again. However, it was replayed on a best-of on Monday during the show’s vacation. This audio is from one of the last major disagreements between Ellis and Tully before Tully left and eventually came back. This stark difference between their interactions helps fuel the joke that claims there is a contract between them, which states they cannot fight. There is no such contract, but there may be a gentlemen’s agreement of due respect for both sides. Still, no contract. It’s just a joke, an easy and fun place for everyone to mine jokes from. It’s an uncomfortable piece of audio, but also a very “real” moment in radio. Don’t forget, these “real” radio moments are only a part of what made many of us become fans. It gets you emotionally invested in the moment and you cannot help but to form your own opinions based on what you’re hearing. Keep in mind, there is a lot of stuff we don’t get to hear, so we can only speculate. Speculations aren’t facts. Have a listen.

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