Show Recap for Wednesday 3/4/2015


  • Pink eye guy is back with a seemingly poo free eyeball.
  • Ellis wants a radio studio in his home, a gym, a skate park, a motorcycle, etc.
  • Ellis is on a diet again. He isn’t eating bread. No more chocolate or ice cream after dinner.
  • He doesn’t listen to SXM unless he’s in his other vehicle.
  • Tully is on track to lose 4 pounds by 2035.
  • Indian people smell like Indian food. Body odor smells like body odor.  How much Indian food does a white need to eat before he smells like Indian food, without eating Indian food.
  • Tiger’s birthday was fun. Trampolines. Not a lot of people, no in-laws. Mommies should handle “registrating” and falls. Ellis wants to “organizize” the birthday parties because common people birthday parties suck.
  • Ellis (as a puppet) keeps getting propositions to go to nightclubs and maybe even do a show at a nightclub, which makes no sense because he (the puppet) is not into nightclubs, and he’s on during the day, not at night.
  • The puppet might also get the clap 3-4 times a year.
  • The more dicks that go into your vagina, the dirtier each of those dicks probably are, and that makes your vagina smell worse.
  • This could be Reed’s last year racing. Maybe. Allegedly.
  • The Tully’s got their son a goldfish, Monster Truck The Goldfish. He died within 5 hours. They lied to their child and said Monster Truck The Goldfish was so popular, he had to go back and then they took the kid back to the store to say hi to him.
  • Ellis went to the UFC over the weekend. Spoiler alert, Rousey won by arm bar.
  • A brother shot his sister in the ass with a bb gun because she made him a dick shaped birthday cake. Sibling porn is all the rage right now.
  • Somebody stole a NASCAR Sprint Cup car.
  • You can get shot at Chuck E. Cheese. It’s true.
  • A dude got pulled over with a sour cream container labeled “not weed” but the cops didn’t buy that bullshit. It had weed in it.
  • Katie won’t let Ellis watch Diggstown.
  • Tully hasn’t seen the movie Casino, but he has seen Big Hero 6.
  • Ellis watched a lot of movies, one of them being R.I.P.D. Tully hates it.
  • Tully thinks DMX is a giant pussy because he never got to call his mommy, “Mommy”.
  • There’s a lot of people who like golf, and I don’t get it.
  • The show hung up on Ricky Johnson’s son.
  • World’s Greatest Wednesday. Ellis’ mom used to have a Rhodesian Ridgeback & Ellis used to ride it to school. But that’s another story. What’s the world’s greatest animal to get eaten by? Here’s the top 10:
    1. Golden eagle
    2. Piranha
    3. Bigfoot
    4. Giant squid
    5. Rhonda Rousey
    6. Anaconda
    7. Shark
    8. Crocodile
    9. Baboon
    10. Killer whale
  • Tully’s son made some sound clips for the show and truly wishes he smoked crack.
  • What if Chunk from The Goonies changed his name and is really Chuck Liddell (aka Chunk Liddell)?
  • What movie should the guys critique next? Too bad, they’re not gonna watch whatever you suggest.
  • In your face!

Chunk Liddell

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