Show Re-Cap for Wednesday 3/25/2015

welcome-to-the-showI totally spaced out and forgot nobody is re-capping today, so fuck it. I’LL DO IT LIVE! (but not really) Here’s what I can remember:

  • Tully is going to have a “neglect our kids” pajama party Saturday morning with bagels and cream cheese. And you’re not invited.
  • Ellis watched some YouTube videos on his Roku.
  • His kids know what that shit is, but he don’t.
  • Some 50-year-old chick called into the show, I didn’t catch any of that.
  • He’s talking about a boy, a goat, and some movie called Exodus – he didn’t realize it was about biblical shit until he saw a burning bush.
  • Right now is the greatest time in humanity. Or to be alive. And not dead.
  • Bill O’Reilly is an old ball bag.
  • Some dude was taking a nap, cops busted in looking for someone else. They asked for some ID, he reached for ID, the cops shot him 16 motherfucking times and he’ll probably never be able to work again. He got $5.5 million out of the deal.
  • Will loves Dickies and should be sponsored by them.
  • It’s New Music Wednesday, Tully has a list of garbage from the past 2 months or so. Surprise! Most of it was turrible.
  • Are you American or Canadian? Do you like to win prizes? Can you use a phone? Call the show, it’s America vs Canada quiz time.
  • “Baue” from America kicked ass and had to be prize chambered.
  • Sasquatch, the first Canadian Prime Minister also won a spot in the prize chamber.
  • Some Canadian basketball player from Brazil played under the name, “Guy Crabogiale”, but that’s not his last name, no sir. He wants to play under his real last name, making him “Guy Fuck”.
  • Suggo has done botox. So has Ellis.
  • Will has news. I missed a lot of that. I came in on something about Bugs Bunny and n-bombs.
  • Ellis wants a car that only drives him around when he’s drunk and fucking the car. Will says that’s called a girlfriend.
  • RadioShack is bankrupt, like back in fucking 1981. Where oh where will you ever find the world’s worst, out-dated technology, in today’s world? Well they have a plan. Since they can’t sell you anything worth a shit, they want to sell your personal information. How nice of them.
  • Something or another about “Zane” and “One Direction”. I don’t know what that means and I don’t want to.
  • There’s a few new Wolfknives members. If you were one of them, you should send your information into the Wolfknives Membership Registry.

Don’t die. Unless you’re RadioShack. Then please, by all means, just die already.

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