Show Re-Cap for Thursday 3/26/2015


Learning how to metal.

Hey guess what? It’s me again! And guess what else, I didn’t know nobody was recapping today until after the first hour so I’ll do my best. We’re pretty organized around here.

  • Katie is here today.
  • CassetteCoast is Meximerican.
  • Tully is researching getting dental implants because he has the mouth of a homeless person.
  • Will wants to be a farmer when he grows gives up. He wants 1 pig, 1 cow, 1 chicken, and multiple gardens.
  • The Hudsucker Proxy was a good movie. Tully has actually seen that one.
  • Frank DeCaro came (in his pants) on the show for a game, “Name that dick” where they look at celebrity dick picks. It was a… ballsy segment.
  • Cumtard gathered up all the dick.
  • Frank went 13/13 on naming that cock, everyone else found it to be… hard.
  • What’s the weirdest thing you know about somebody? A call in segment.
  • Tully knew somebody who would dress up like a girl, bind himself up so he could only reach his cocaine, booze, and his journal and call a good friend to come rescue him at the end of the weekend. Party.
  • Ellis knows big time drug dealers.
  • Katie used to have cups of cum in the freezer and have a cup of it in the morning or put it on food and eat it, etc.
  • Something about some female fighter fighting for Invicta but under contract with UFC.
  • Ellis talked to somebody about EllisMania this morning, might be in October (you know the rule), might be a big band there (Danzig?), might not be any beef at all between Travis Barker and Rick Thorne.
  • Katie and Tully want an abortion fight to happen.
  • Chelsea Handler is the latest woman to come forward to say Bill Cosby tried to set her up for some zippity zoop her frazzle snazzle. You know how he loves pudding his dick where it don’t belong.
  • Tully will NOT be stopped when it comes to telling people they should do cocaine.
  • Final flight for 150 people. Final calls. Final bullet point. Final Countdown!

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