Show Re-Cap for Friday 3/27/2015

It’s WGAFF and all hail Tony Hawk. Today I was running yer mums industrial vibrator trying to hammer out a part of a mountain that would be better described as a giant rock so I didn’t get to hear every part of the show but here’s what I think I heard.giphy

Would you go back to your young life? I wouldn’t. I was broke, stupid, and getting way less ass. Plus being an adult is kinda more awesome even though you have taxes and responsibilities and shit.

People cussing in front of your kids. Not cool. If you’re one of those douche bags and someone asks you to stop then stop.

Kids and video games like GTA5. I see no problem. Every kid should know that if you beat up the hooker you get your money back. It’s a life rule.

Some place told gays to stop acting like black chicks. But black chicks act like black gays. So really that one place doesn’t know what the duck they’re talking about. just go there. I don’t know why.Cat-music-calendar

Just missed a bunch after the first break, thanks new app. You’re my hero.

Back to hear Andrews wrestling breakdown. Thanks app, you couldn’t be fucked up just a little bit longer? It was good I just can’t stand wrestling. It’s like a joke that knows it’s a joke but desperately acts like it’s not a joke so much that it forgot it was a joke in the first place.

Tortoise mating interrupted video. You’re welcome.

Explorer Interrupts Mating Tortoises, Slowest… by shomaad

You sir are a moron: lose arm or leg? Easy, left arm. Rather be lion or tiger? Tiger, better word robe. Spend a year in space? Nope, I don’t like Tang that much. Would you be easy? Hahahahahahaha. No taste or paste? Paste for sure. Tougher country Brazil or Russia? Russia, frozen bastards that drink vodka to stay thawed. What animal do you want to come back as? Pelican, get to fly, fish, and bite lady’s assed at the beach. Go back in time what day? Not sure, probably when Jesus resurrected with a go pro to shut up all these religios bastards. Be any race? Mexican, you get I trouble in America they send you to Mexico, sweet. Make one law? The Lobbyist thing Kevin said. Hot stupid smart ugly? Smart and ugly then I’d create a way to make me artificially hot, plus I’d be rich.

They talked about new movies like the Will Ferral Kevin Hart racist movie. Home. Mission Impossible. Entourage. It was awesome. Go see a movie. Fuck you.

Cali man robbed bank pled not guilty for insanity. Virgin Mary told him to do it. Then he ate his poo in court. #CaliAmIRight

The guys wrote a country song. It wasn’t as hard as one might think. Andrew loved it.


Final calls time. We were graced with drunk nurses, flying Ellis Eagles, some dude taking a bath, Comicon, cum cups, churros, and terasactyls, and for the chick that didn’t know what that was just ask yer mum, OH!

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