Show Re-Cap for Friday 1/30/2015

Welcome to the Accordig To Twitter Jason Ellis Show Friday Recap! Today’s recap will be a little different and for those that are unfamiliar I will explain. I was unable to listen to the show today so instead I relied on the accurate accountings of Twitter to give me my information. So this is what happened on the show today according to you. Hope you don’t suck.

Wagon wheels were mentioned and all the beady eyed mole people popped their heads outta the ground.

Something about Suge Knight.

Wills stance on innocent till proven guilty.


Rape sciences and half assed masturbation bears.



Canadians are still wanking on about Wagon Wheels.


Tullys thoughts on Jaegermeister.


Some quiet chick is on the show that Ellis wants to put his wiener inside.


Turns out it’s Alexis Treszuck from Radar Online and everyone loves her.

They think this interview is riveting and incredibly entertaining.

The fans can’t get enough.

Emily loves bacon.


Then they reviewed Terminator after Tully finally watched it.

People still cant get over how riveting the Alexis interview was!

066Super Bowl predictions.


Final calls.


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