Show re-cap for Wednesday 11/26/2014

Well holy shit look who remembered he had to recap. I didn’t even listen to the show all the way through until today and now I’ve got to do this from my phone because I can’t get to the computer. In mostly circumcised dicks.any case, we hope you had a great holiday weekend stuffing your face full of gravy while we stuffed your mom full of mostly circumcised dicks. Luckily it wasn’t a very eventful show, so as to say the bits that were there took a long time.

Ellis is going to ride sand dunes this weekend in an RV with a couple of psychotic chicks who are into blood and shit. Not poo, just stuff. There is also a chance he may see that Dan bilzarian guy there and doesn’t want to because he doesn’t want to find out he is actually a cool guy and he would rather go along believing he is a giant douch which he probably is.

stop Will came into the studio and no matter what Ellis or Tully said, he would not stop talking about fucking horses. NY magazine interviewed a guy who says he is only attracted to horses, and he has these tips for you:

Use a bucket so you can fuck can always tell when the horse is cumming because their clits will wink on your Johnson.

if you can make a horse Cum, ladies will know you will fuck them good.

horse pussy tastes like warm, wet hay.

if you eat horse pussy, your face will smell like warm wet hay.

We were also treated to a retelling of the Dice FuckingJerkoffAssholeFace debacle only this time we heard thtat will is a coward who ran away when two grown men got into a heated conversation. This was confirmed by both Hotdog and Andrew the giant, who totally thought he was a pussy.

Speaking of FuckingJerkoffAssholeFace, a fitting worlds greatest Wednesday was discussed, voted on and agreed upon. What is the worlds greatest thing to come out of the 80’s? Would it be Hulkamania? Fake tits and crack made strong cases, as did Weekend at Bernie’s, and Metallica, but in the end, the audience and indeed the world voted and ultimately decided that shaved pussy was the ultimate thing to come out of the 80’s.

A bunch of people got their Wolfknife names and this is the wrong place to find out what it was. However, once you do get your name is, find out Wolfknives registry at the top of the page somewhere, fuck I don’t know man. Ok, I have to stop this be fore I chick my phone at a toddler.




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