Show Re-Cap for Thursday 10/2/2014

Thursday recap

Ellis jacked off last night all alone old school.

The government made pizza with bacon and cheese stuffed in the crust.

Celebrities should have to live off the food they endorse.

I’m pretty sure @bitPimps is actually Will.

Dingo’s visit to his motherland was a delight and he brought back Milo, some sort of fizzy drink medicine, and Fuckitall pills.

Ellis is a good dad because he pays attention to his kids, not like those dumbass mother fuckers constantly playing Angry Birds.

Jetta was fired because he couldn’t hack it, Kevin just took some time off, and Hotdog loves it.

Tully’s bathroom smells like AIDS cat pee.

Dude in Kansas stabbed a home intruder with a spear.

Ellismania 9.5

Lesbian ladies sueing sperm bank for black sperm.

Having a baby at 16 will make a man out of a lady.

Dumb couple fights. Which way the forks go in the dishwasher. Too tired to hug. Is Siri real or not.

Drive through wake.

Ten weirdest disease.


Celebrity Impressions.

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