The “No More Producers” Comment Today

No shit, I’ve been asked the same or a variation of the same question since the start of the show today. Which is fine, I’m glad people are asking questions, so please feel free to keep asking your questions. However, instead of typing the same answer 50 times over, I thought it would be easier to just make a quick post to address these questions.

So here’s what everyone is asking about. Ellis mentioned he was all by himself today, everyone is either sick or fired and there are “no more producers.” That left everyone wondering what he meant by that, did that mean Cumtard was fired too? No, it didn’t mean that at all. Let’s state what we know and what has been said so far:

  • Jetta was fired last week. He is gone. That is official.
  • Cumtard took this week off. HE took this week off. He was not told to take the week off.
  • Officially, Cumtard has not been fire as of this post.
  • Will Cumtard come back? Nobody knows, ask Cumtard.
  • Where was Tully today? Sick. His entire household is sick.
  • All that is why it was only Ellis, Will, & Hotdog today.
  • When Ellis said, “no more producers”, it wasn’t to say Cumtard had been fired, it was to say that nobody that would normally help produce the show, was there today. Hence, no producers.
  • A new “real” producer has been acquired, it is just a matter of paperwork before this new producer comes to work on the show.
  • Today’s show felt like a throw-back to the old days when Ellis was alone by himself in box, left to tell stories and entertain listeners on his own. It turned out better than most would have imagined. Ellis does have a gift for radio, make no mistake.

That’s about it. The rest would be speculation. I could speculate on what I think, but in the end, that means nothing. I’m just some dude that would be making assumptions. So who really cares? We’ll find out what the future holds, that is one thing we can be sure of.

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