Show Re-cap for Wednesday 3/26/2014

Hello and welcome, felly Manny-acs. It’s  been a whole day since we all fell in love with the one they call Manny. Let’s pick up the pieces of our broken hearts and try to forge through and make something out of this pain. Ellis opened up the show talking about Steve Caballero and how he is one of the good God loving people he knows and people should be more like that dude. Don’t know who Steve Caballero is? Tough shit motherfucker! Once upon a time Tully didn’t know who Caballero was when he was prepping to interview him, so he asked Ellis by putting a weird Spanish twist over the L’s. I forgot where this all went, but once again reminded myself I need to take better notes. Off to a strong start eh? Boy, I fucking suck.


Somehow we got on the topic of doing man shitand how knowing how to do a certain degree of man shit enhances your life greatly. I totally remembered! Ellis wants to get some tools together so he can work on his bike instead of taking it to someone. Tully is starting to realize he has to find a list of shit that every man knows how to do and master a handful of them so he can pass some stuff on to his kid. Currently his level of manliness consists of cooking dinner and doing dishes while his wife put together a scooter for the kid, so he’s got some climbing to do. But hey, we’ve all got shit we are good at and shit we just never learned to do. I, for instance am good at pleasing women sexually and I suck at walking around in heels and a skirt singing show tunes. Different walks Tully, different walks.

Wilson Pendarvis needs to start doing drugs. Not like crack or anything, just a little weed to relax him and keep his murderous rage at manageable level. Ellis wants to guide him through the experience like his own personal weed Sherman or Shaman or whatever the illiterate immigrant landed on eventually. The proposition is that Ellis, Tully and Will should all go down to a hash bar and get a little high and have a couple of beers. Surprise, surprise, Captain Killjoy Pendarvis doesn’t want to do it. He claims he doesn’t want to get paranoid or have a panic attack, which seems weak. Ellis explained at length how they can pick and choose at a dispensary the type of high you can get from different strains, but to no avail. Finally, Ellis throws a brilliant counter offer on the table: Either fight Cumtard at Ellismania 10, or Ellis is going to spike his food or drink with an insane amount THC and watch him suffer. Will pondered this, and ultimately said that if Tim Sabean says it is ok, he will fight Cumtard. Ellis immediately tried calling Tim but couldn’t get ahold of him. Stay tuned on that. Will’s apprehension is complete BS for as big of a Pink Floyd fan as he is. Give that dude a Brownie and ‘Dark Side’ with headphones and a comfy chair and that dude is not giving a fuck about you or anyone for several hours. A dude called in to warn Will of the dangers of mixing marijuana and alcohol, which was met with raucous laughter. I called that lunch time in high school and I turned out fine! I don’t have regrets at all about my life or how it turned out, fuck you!

In more Make The People In The Green Room Better News: Ellis wants to turn Cumtard into a killing machine. We’re talking cardio, sparring, steroids, protein shakes, PCP, green drinks, jiu-jitsu classes and horse semen. And then point all that cumtarded rage towards beating up Will instead of alcoholism and self-flagellation. It may be the perfect experiment, and all of the ideas Ellis came up with to make Rawdog better may be used on Cumtard because he is ready and willing.

Ultimate Fighter winner and past guest Julianna Pena came on the show today. She recently suffered an injury to her ACL and had to have surgery, putting her on the DL for a year. She kind of cleared up her end of the drama surrounding her injury. I really don’t want to delve to deep into the story, but she said it was blown up and turned into something it wasn’t. I listened to the whole hour and a half interview and my initial impression was sort of a negative one. To me at least, she seemed like she danced between “Poor Me” and the usual stock interview fighters give in promos for a PPV “I’m gonna win because I believe I am the best etc.” I didn’t want to present it like that to you because Ellis and Tully seem to genuinely like her and she certainly isn’t a Sam Rubin or another vapid porn star who giggles throughout. However, to prove I wasn’t alone I took to twitter.

@CrackerStacker6 : Who can summarize the Julianna Pena interview for me right quick?

@tank_yanker: zzzz whaa whaa zzzzzzz poor me.. zzzz blah blah.. sorry. .its all I remember. .

@AZ_reddragon: she’s not a carpet muncher and dances like a chicken…..she likes fighting, been punched a lot, her favorite color is horse.

@tank_yanker: oh yeah.. she hasn’t kissed a dude since January

@sharkchucker: E> you’re hot I’m a man that can smash you.
J> right, that’s not what I need.
E> what’s with the limp?
J> my bad.

@AZ_Reddragon: while she is healing she plans on taking the place of Oderus in a tribute concert next month

So there you have it, On demand is always available if you want to disagree.

Docking is pretty sweet and if you don’t know what it is, it’s not for you man. Don’t google it. Don’t get a penis pump. I can’t stress that enough. And please don’t fuck Kim Jong Un. See you next week.



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