Meet Mark, He Is No Longer Depressed (3-25-2014)

Mark calls in for the newly created “What’s Wrong With You?” segment and he sounds like a nice enough guy. But you still might want to be a little hesitant of Mark, he has a bit of an unusual hobby. You see, he went through a bout of depression. How’d he get out of his funk? No, it wasn’t Ellis that helped beat his depression. It was a gift from his mother. The gift of dolls. It sounds innocent enough, and I’m sure Mark is a great guy (please don’t kill or kidnap me or my family, Mark) but he sure has an unconventional hobby. He does sound happy though, so that’s a plus! I assume you can look forward to him on the show via Skype sometime in the near future, barring him being in some kind of legal trouble. Allegedly of course.

Download (link to MP3)

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