CSI: Los Angeles Starring Wilson Pendarvis


Frank Drebin thinks Will is a creep.

We all know Will is the infamous LA Fire Starter, we all know his affinity for flashing his headlights at innocent young women, but now we’re going deeper down the rabbit hole of Wilson. He listens to police scanners (plural, he has more than one.) He watches COPS. He reads case files, I mean non-fiction books about homicide investigation. Is he just a bored, old lady sticking his nose in everyone else’s business? Is he doing this to make sure he doesn’t get caught while on one of his various crime sprees? There are numerous hours throughout the day that nobody can account Will’s whereabouts. Who knows, nobody knows the real Freddie Wilson Pendarvis Jr. III. He feels his calling in life is to be a homicide investigator. Or maybe, just maybe, we’re dealing with next notorious serial arsonist / rapist / killer in the history of the WORLD! “Frank” (Drebin?) the detective calls to weigh in on the discussion and says Will is a creep. Also, Tully carries a rape whistle? A lot is revealed during the 14 minutes you’re about to listen to below. Who knows, one day it might just be used in a court of law – or maybe this whole thing will be an episode of Law & Order that Ellis gets to watch.

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