RIP Swinghouse

The Swinghouse, near Santa Monica Boulevard and La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles, where it all started. The place where Tony Hawk invited his crazy Australian friend to be on his show. The place where we got to know Jason Ellis, Cowfucker, Rawdog, Will, Streatch, Little Coffee Foot, Bentley, Assless Matt, Burt Backarack, Scott Green, Kevin Kraft, and many many others that have walked through those doors to make us laugh, cry, cringe, or cheer. The place where motivational speeches helped start our days and fart jokes and Women Am I Right kept us laughing through rush hour traffic. This is the ending of an era and the marking of a new, bigger, and better show. In honor of the past with anticipation to the future we asked some EllisFam what their favorite memories from The Jason Ellis Show are. Rest in peace Swinghouse.

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“Tully was gone & Ellis & Rawdog were both crying after fighting.” – @bitPimps

“drinking a can of warm blanco basura in the bathroom” – @emilyinSD

“Bill the Scorpion” – @NorthernGorilla

“[when Rawdog] casually petted that venomous snake” – @Dutch_RDS

“The LL Cool J interview and the timeless phrase, get these balls!” – @Az_RedDragon

“Nothing beats the in-studio moto burnout.” – @Wolfman812

“getting perved on by Wilson!” – @emilyinSDimage

“When Bill the Scorpion ruled the studio, may he rest in peace.” – @mike_in_canada

“When Mayhem almost burned it all down, and everyone had to get out.” – @Hispandrix

“When @RadioTFB blew @BentleytHill and of course when Bill the Scorpion escaped” – @NorthernGorilla

“Papa Fifty being in the studio. And the time he ran away and Ellis stopped the show to get him.” – @truckeryako

“The Dave Mustaine interview that made us all fall asleep and change the channel to Cavino and Rich only to turn it back because they suck ass” – @azkellie

“And there was the day they evacuated cause of some mystery gas” – @truckeryako

“Remember when Jason had mersa on his dick and they canceled the show & fumigated.” – @sharckchucker

“Squeaky Door, and Bathroom/Kitchen/Prize chamber” – @TwistedMetalFabimage (4)

“It was always funny when Rawdog came in to the studio so high he could barely talk. And dead video camera batteries” – @truckeryako

“All the times they started playing the Imperial Death March to call Wilson Pendarvis into the studio to give him shit” – @shit_toboggan

“The many times the studio had to be evacuated due to bugs/air pollutants.” – @Crackerstacker6

“The Assless Matt intro” – @shit_toboggan

“When Ellis asked Danzing if he lived in a castle” – @Az_RedDragon

“the time I wore a dress like a champ” – @mighty_boognishimage (1)

“That time Will tried out the CEO show and Ellis and Mayhem kicked in the door and took the show back” – @bwstrangler

“Bill the Scorpions brilliant escape for freedom and his alleged final resting place” – @bwstrangler

“Jager Beard announced Ellis’s 540 at 40 (though technically not at the Swinghouse)” – @Az_RedDragon

“the Shock Lobster and Shocktapede!” – @matmonsterk

“When Scotty from NY and Oxycotton John got sober and stayed sober” – @Az_RedDragon

“remember that time mayhem set off a fire that choked everyone… #RIPSwingHouse ah, good times.” – @sharkchucker

“the war with bubba the love sponge” – @azkellie

“telling @EllisMate the story of how my adopted newborn ended up named Ellis Lee after 1 1/2 [hours] on hold” – @serutti

“Steven Tyler crashing the place and hitting on Katie” – @CrackerStacker6

“The first real game I heard was the DeCock-a-lon, think thatll be my fav” – @thegooser

“the Iliza Schesinger interview was epically awkward” – @CrackerStacker6

“burn outs from brian deegan in the studio” – @MotoSakiBabe

“cum challenge” – @serutti

“me wearing a strap-on spinning with my head on a bat then tryin to fuk covinos mouth” – @NorCalRowe

“that time they did the D!D!D! jam show with mastodon.” – @mighty_boognish

“When Sebastian Bach sang the intro to Monkey Business with Ellis” – @Az_RedDragon

“One of my favorite memories was the “Guess What Chonan said” game.” – @RickNothing


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